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National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service – President Trump’s speech

President Trump To Light White House Blue For Law Enforcement

Washington D.C. – President Trump spoke at the steps of the Capitol on Monday, at the start of National Police Week. In his speech, he honored our law enforcement heroes, and on Monday night, he will further honor them by lighting the White House blue.

“You are the thin blue line between civilization and chaos….” President Trump spoke to police. “I will make it the personal priority of my administration to ensure that our police are finally treated fairly, with honor and respect, that they deserve.”

“Every drop of blood spilled from our heroes in blue is a wound inflicted upon the whole country,” he said. “May today be the beginning of a new era of respect and appreciation for law enforcement.”

“The attacks on our police must end, an they must end right now!”

“We must also end the reckless words of incitement that give rise to danger and give rise to violence. It is time to work with our cops, not against them, but to support them in making our streets safe, not to obstruct, which we’re doing; we obstruct them,” said President Trump. “It’s time for all Americans from all parties and beliefs to join together in a simple goal to ensure that every child in America has the right to grow up in safety, security, and peace. True social justice means a future where every child in every neighborhood can play outside without fear, can walk to school, and can live out the beautiful dreams that fill their heart.”


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