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Mike Cernovich asks media tough questions about Antifa

“Why will nobody here cover the violence against Trump supporters?”

“Why won’t you demand that the Democrats disavow the violence from Antifa…?”

“This is being completely covered up. You have no answer.”


Mike Cernovich





  1. They will not condemn ANTIFA because it is “state run” violence — they condone it. These people mean business.

    1. Cobbler, did you notice nearly everyone else in the room were not giving Mike much attention? That camera shot showed the attitude in the room to Mikes questions. The “fake news” press was alive and well in that room. Do you see the look on her face? Priceless ! I am very surprised he got in the room past security. This will get really mean and nasty in the coming months. As you stated, these people mean business.

  2. He may as well have been talking to a roomful of bowling balls. With the shifting sands at FOX, I’m thinking the media paradigm is shifting from Left/Right to Establishment…they are all bowling balls for the Establishment….Globalist…Deep State…The Real Boogie Man.

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