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Mattis: ‘We Must Never Permit Murderers To Define Our Time’

by Ryan Pickrell

Secretary of Defense James Mattis delivered a powerful speech Saturday to the graduating class at West Point, warning them that terrorism must not become normal.

Earlier this week, the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in the United Kingdom. “We must never permit murderers to define our time or warp our sense of normal. This is not normal,” Mattis told 950 graduating cadets. “Manchester’s tragic loss underscores the purpose of your years of study and training at this elite school.”

ISIS also claimed fatal attacks in Indonesia and Egypt, and intense fighting between the military and ISIS-linked militants is destabilizing the southern Philippines. These tragedies come amidst a concentrated push to eliminate ISIS in Mosul and to rid countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria of violent extremism.

More than 20 people perished in Manchester, three police officers lost their lives in Indonesia, and around 30 people were killed in Egypt. In the Philippines, police and civilians alike have been slaughtered.

“By the time this class was in first grade classrooms in every state across our union, our country had been thrust into a war by maniacs who thought that by hurting us, they could scare us,” Mattis explained, “Well, we don’t scare.”

“Nothing better represents America’s awesome determination to defend herself than this graduating class,” he added. “You will drive home a salient point that free men and women will volunteer to fight, ethically and fiercely, to defend our experiment that you and I call, simply, ‘America.’”

“We Americans are not made of cotton candy,” he said, evoking cheers from the crowds.

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“You hold the line, faithful to duty, confronting our nation’s foes with implacable will,” he said, “Knowing that if there is a hill to climb, waiting will not make it any smaller.”

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  1. Mattis on Face The Nation.
    Reporter asks: “What keeps you up at night?”
    Mattis: “Nothing. I keep other people up at night.”

  2. ““We must never permit murderers to define our time or warp our sense of normal. This is not normal,” Mattis told 950 graduating cadets.”

    This is, once again, a person who has BROKEN his Oath time and time again. He, in the UN’s (what used to the US military) military, along with the most UN AMERICAN agency since its inception, the CIA, work against our country so that we KEEP a military and defense contractors.

    Has he been treasonous, that is up to real US courts to decide, but he most definitely is a domestic enemy of the USA. He, and those like him, are the ever present danger our nation deals with daily. He is one of the keys to the destruction of the USA, the US Constitution.

    Why do I say all this? Because tell me one war that the US Congress has declared in decades. One. WE cannot give honor to the domestic enemies and traitors who serve inside our governments if we want this nation to survive. I do NOT care how much you like him, HE is one of our PROBLEMS.

    At the very least he has committed felonies and Perjury multiple times over his career. He has to if he wants to keep the money flowing, the power of the positions he occupies throughout his “career”, etc. Is he as bad as Hillary Clinton? Yeah, he sends/sent our ignorant unknowingly Oath breaking soldiers over to INVADE and destroy other nations killing many innocents on all sides.

    As SoD he now can do more harm to our nation from within. The SWAMP is not only not cleaned up, it has barely had a teaspoonful taken out of it. Oh, and breaking another Oath.

    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

    Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

    1. Cal, I usually enjoy your posts and almost always learn something. You’re entitled to your opinion, but this post is out of line, particularly on this day.

      1. You are also entitled to your opinion.

        My family for generations are/have been American military and, usually after serving, law enforcement. We, like others who have a family history of serving have lost some of our own throughout the decades. I agree this is a day for MOURNING those who lives should never had been lost, and only were because, as Kissinger said, “Military Men Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals To Be Used As Pawns In Foreign Policy”, which is what they have been doing, are still doing.

        We should not be not making this a celebration of the military who has not been in a LAWFUL war since when? WW1? I now have another nephew who just joined so that he can DEFEND our nation, he bought into all the lies. I guess I should be happy he is not a “snowflake”. Our enemies that are destroying our nation are here at home, we need a good DEFENSE to keep other enemies (foreign potential) out of here, but we also need to not “celebrate” those that are here in our own nation, our own government, and whose actions that are bringing our nation down, and they use our military NOT for the defense of our nation, but to destroy our nation and bring about a NWO.

        Is it not true that Mattis has broken his Oath to the US Constitution, to SUPPORT AND DEFEND her from ALL enemies?

        I feel it is never out of line to support and defend the US Constitution as MY OATH requires. If OK wants me to quit posting here I will. I even can understand that hearing things that are not politically correct – and this is a propaganda one, not just political – is difficult when it goes against much propaganda, re-education, and brainwashing. I will still read here though, and I will keep my Oath to the US Constitution, not to those in the Military, not to those who serve within our governments, to the US Constitution.

        I honor and respect our SOLDIERS, but, I do not want them to do as many of us have done and follow unlawful orders to the destruction of our nation in anything they do. If we had not been so gullible, our nation would not be facing the largest peril since her conception. Unfortunately we need them to not follow in our footsteps if the USA under the US Constitution is to survive.

      2. I assume you either know General Mattis personally, served under him or have studied his service record; or are you just making a judgement that no one can get to his rank and position without violating his oath?

      3. Just face it. Our military has become nothing more than a globalist tool. Whether one is ignorant of that fact, or cognizant of that fact, doesn’t change the fact… regardless of sacrifices made, and regardless of ones rank.

        Know what I tell people who thank me for my service? Get off your knees.

      4. Reality is often like a like a slap in the face.
        Many of us have had to face the bitter fact that a lot of what we did, believing that we were doing our part in service to the country and our fellow citizens. Believing we were doing “The Right Thing”, when in fact we were defeating our own purpose and being duped.
        It is not an easy thing to learn that the things we were taught, the things we believed, and even the people we admired, were wrong. So should we then hide in shame? Should we shrink from the real task? Should we pretend that we don’t know the truth? Or should we mourn the loss of our once heartfelt beliefs and heros, and then pick ourselves up and get busy again, working to correct those wrongs? I know which choice I have made.
        I remember well how I felt when I came to realize that what I had been doing, was in reality, unknowingly furthering the goals of politicians and rich people who do not have the best interests of this country, or it’s citizens, in mind.
        Yeah, I felt like a fool, and I was pissed. Eventually I found another way to do what I believe is right. So here I am, doing what I can to educate those around me about the real facts about what is truly going on.
        Sure, it’s an uphill battle, and sometimes it really feels like a lesson in futility when I consider all the methods of propaganda and subversive tactics we are up against. But I will never give up. I have done years of research and spent countless hours looking at the evidence, and I now know beyond any doubt that I am on the right track.
        Even so, I dare say that I am not on the same level yet as Cal, and certainly nowhere near the level of someone like KrisAnne Hall or Dr. Vieira. But I’m learning more all the time. 😉 Furthermore, I challenge anyone to dispute the facts that Cal presents, because I believe he does the same as I do. It’s called research. Exhausting research, BEFORE putting fingers to the keyboard or opening your mouth.
        Sure, I make mistakes, I think we all do. There is no shame in that. The only shame comes from being a coward and refusing to admit when you are wrong. I’ve not met any cowards within Oath Keepers and I hope I never do. However, if I do make a mistake on some information I submit, (and I don’t catch it first), please tell me. I’m happy to admit if I’m wrong, and I will take steps to correct it.
        So I keep going, I keep trying to wake people up. I get through to some, and some I just have to walk away from. Even if the person I’m talking to is saying things that might make my blood boil, I am duty bound by my oath to affirm his or her right to say whatever they choose. Yes, and even defend their right to say it. Sometimes it is hard to do, but I just walk away.
        To those of you who don’t want to read it, I suggest you might want to consider finding another reading site, because unless I’m sorely mistaken, Cal is going to keep on telling the truth of the matter, taking care to always backing it up with facts, (in case you hadn’t noticed), and if for some reason he were not able to continue, fear not, I’ll still be here. You might also consider the fact that he is much more eloquent than I am. So count your blessings. {He really does save me a lot of typing.}
        Yes, it’s a damned bitter pill to swallow, learning that what you thought was true, turns out to be false. The same goes for people we often admire. I’ve had more times than I care to think about, where I thought someone was worthy of my respect, only to find out that they were just a good actor, playing their part in some devious plot or deception. There have even been times I learned that they were truly evil people, only pretending to be good.
        It has been my misfortune to encounter many such bitter pills in my day, but once I’m certain that it is for the better, then swallow it I must, and will. And should I choke on one of the damned things some day, then so be it. I would rather suffer the pain than suffer dishonor.
        Far too many of our countrymen and women have been led astray by powerful people who spin their webs of deceit, there is no shame or dishonor in that. The true shame and dishonor belongs to those who were, and are, in positions of authority and leadership, that knew it was all lies yet sent our brave Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Guardsmen into harm’s way in order to further enrich those who are already rich beyond any sane purpose or need. And to further the goals of those who seek to destroy us from within.
        Lest we forget.

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