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MAGA Veterans Sound Off on Antifa at Boston Free Speech Rally

Video by Stewart Rhodes
Published on May 13, 2017

Founder of Oath Keepers interviews Charles Robinson II and his sons at the Boston Free Speech Rally. Robinson blood has been spilled in every war since WWII. They tell how they feel about Antifa burning the American flag while flying the communist flag, and discuss what it means to be willing to “lace up their boots” to defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Sr Robinson Served as an 11B in the 24th Infantry Division, and his son Charles Robinson III served as an 11B in the 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) in Iraq.

The father’s statement on how his family will ALWAYS answer the call, and how he raised his sons to be willing to die on their feet rather than live on their knees, and how they will NOT let Anti-fa destroy all their family fought for was the best speech of the day. Powerful. Please spread this awesome statement of what it means to serve far and wide.

Oath Keepers, including retired police and military, were there on the ground at the Boston Free Speech Rally on May 13, 2017, helping to protect the attendees against Antifa violence.

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It was an honor, and one of the highlights of a great day, to meet this patriot military family that has a multi-generation tradition of service to this nation.  Father and both sons are Trump supporters and also very hardcore supporters of both the Second Amendment and the First Amendment. And that is why they were there at the rally. The father’s hat said: “The Second Amendment Protects the First.”

They are local Boston area residents and told me they were glad they came to the rally.  You can see they got pretty emotional when I asked them what they thought of Antifa and the communists burning American flags (we did not see that in Boston on May 13 but we have all seen it on YouTube being done across the country).

The father’s statement about his family’s commitment to “lace up their boots” and answer the call whenever this nation is threatened really was the best speech of the day and made my eyes tear up.

He told how the men in his family served in the Navy in the Pacific in WWII and then his father served in the Korean War and then died in Vietnam.  His uncle also fought in Vietnam but made it home.  He served in the 24th Infantry in the 70’s and his son, Charles the third, served in Iraq.

All that was backdrop for his powerful statement that “those &@@$! communists will not take this (pointing to the ground) from us, or all they fought for will be for nothing.”

Father and both sons joined us for the march and when they got back the son spoke to the crowd and gave a damn fine speech, coming from the heart of a combat veteran infantryman about how good it made him feel to be there and to march with all of us.

I asked father and sons to join Oath Keepers and they accepted the invite.  And then they joined us for beers and dinner afterwards.


MAGA Veterans Sound Off on Antifa at Boston Free Speech Rally

Please help support our efforts to protect everyone’s free speech rights. 
If you couldn’t join us in  Boston, please donate to help defray the travel costs of those who could. Thank you.





  1. Look close my fellow countrymen. This is what American patriots and heroes look like. If this country is to be save, it will be because of men like this. God bless the Robertson’s.

  2. Desert true american-born Patriots doing their deed for America and they are saluted. We need many more brothers and others to stand up for our rights in our own land. If it means going toe-to-toe so be it many of veterans have spilled their blood on other lands to keep America free why can not civilian Americans bleed the same American blood for their country. We must protect what is truly ours. So I know that all of us earthkeepers spread the word but we need to make sure the people we spread the word to spread it to others also. Stay the course and stay on point brother.

  3. Amazing interview! As an U.S. Army veteran I stand with these men. It is so refreshing to hear clear truth! Now more than ever we Veterans have to stand together be silenced no longer. We owe it to our fathers and our brothers in arms who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. If we don’t defend the Constitution now then we are cowards and a disgrace to the uniforms we wore.
    11B Infantry All The Way!
    101st Airborne, 187th Infantry. Rakkasan!

  4. Thank you very much! I value the US Constitution over our flag. I applaud Ric Monday for what he did @ Dodgers Stadium during the Bicentennial Year. The 2 who tried to burn it, well they self identified. The father, did he teach his son to be so ignorant? That’s not quality parenting. It’s abyssmal/despicable.
    The US Constitution, in my opinion, is what separates us from all other countries. It made possible the 5,000 Year Leap….. it is meant to keep oppressive rulers in chains, so they cannot enslave the citizenry. All countries have flags, there is but 1 US Constitution, inspired by a biblical guidance. Hence I value it more.
    SCOTUS ruling it free speech- burning the flag is protected free speech? SCOTUS has been stacked w/leftists/socialists since fdr. John Stormer penned ‘Betrayed by the Bench’ & another great tome (I can’t remember the authoress) wrote ‘Nine Men Against America’. Stormer & W Cleon Skousen (The Naked Communist) portray infiltration/subversion by SCOTUS, regularly siding w/the soviets.
    Not a pretty picture….we must retake the House & stack it w/constitutionalists & reign in those apparatchicks….
    Thanks to the Robinsons & to all you who served!

  5. I am guessing that antifa has learned a hard lesson about trying to act when Oathkeepers are on duty. They don’t have a chance and can experience a lot of well deserved PAIN.

  6. Coming from a military family myself, I truly understand his thoughts. My great-grandfather was a doughboy in WWI, my grandfather was a Marine in WWII, my father was a sailor in Vietnam. My oldest sister, who was unable to join due to health, married an airman (later soldier). My middle sister joined the Army with her husband and went to basic together. My younger sister served in the Coast Guard(later in Navy Reserves) and my youngest sister actually was raised overseas but came to America just to join the military and retired from the Coast Guard. My wife was also in the Coast Guard. I served in the Navy and Navy Reserves until I was medically retired. My son has stated he would like to follow on and join up when he graduates next year.
    My family has taken the oath very seriously and will continue to serve this country.

  7. The war was over in 1933, and America lost. We now operate in quasi default, knelt down on hexagonal knee pads, servicing the federal reserve.

    None of the wars of the last century have had a thing to do with the protection of the United States.

    It’s commendable to love our country & constitution, to be trained and proficient in protecting it, and to hate communism.

    It’s dangerous to be proud about a tour in Iraq, because all that proves is that you made a Raytheon shareholders derivatives increase, and cost all Americans more debt. Debt, mind you, that was issued to our government, by a private bank, owned by the manufacturers of the aforementioned hexagonal knee pads.

    Most of the petulant idiocy going on, from the Superbowl, to North Korea, to Syria, to antifa, to Hillary’s emails, Trump’s Russian dealings, to the world series, to the Olympics, to the latest star wars….etc., etc., etc…….is all just calculated mental engagement, just enough to keep you interested in anything other than reality.

    The truth is, if we don’t get the child sized hexagonal knee pads, and socialist leaning overseers out of education, then we won’t have future generations able to appreciate the revolutionary war, or what it gave us, or why it was fought.

    I’d like to thank the veterans and oath keepers that stand against communism right here at home. I also have immense respect for their restraint, and classy behavior. I certainly respect the uniform, and those whom take an oath to the Constitution. I just wish the majority of our armed forces were as well versed in the fundamentals of our republic as they are in killing.

    If 10% of Americans would have had any thread of respect for our founding document, we would not have a communist party, a socialist party, a federal reserve, and would not have poisoned Iraq with depleted uranium or Vietnam with dioxins. We also wouldn’t have common core, or $25k/year idiot farms like Berkeley.

    I don’t commend our veterans for fighting profit wars. I commend them for loving the Constitution, their country, their families, and being the first and last line of defense in case another country actually becomes a threat.

    With all that America has done wrong, it’s easy to get a group of idiots with 85 IQs to be idiots. The problem was well engineered. Here’s hoping for a chance that the frontal lobe will prevail over the looming 1984/idiocracy/they live/videodrome. Educate yourself, educate yourself some more, educate others. Don’t argue, ask open ended questions that force critical thinking.

    1. Reallly…..Great post, well said sir. The paragraph that starts with “If 10% of Americans” is absolutely a mouth full and wish EVERYONE in America could read it and let it soak in for a moment. A more truthful statement can not be found. I am a Korean war veteran, an Oath Keeper and will respond and perform as required to honor and protect our Sovereignty and Constitution. God Bless America !

  8. Thanks y’all! I give all credit for any comment content to a few really great teachers.

    In 1st grade we made pemmican, planted tomatoes, dried fruit, learned basic Latin root words, and were shown how to use a glossary and index.

    Im not sure what 1st graders are learning now, but what I learned cultivated critical thinking.

    The minds of Americans is where the real war will always be. Our founding fathers rejected central bankers, kangaroo courts, and were never found in a pair of hexagonal knee pads.

    Again, thanks and best wishes!

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