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Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela

Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Venezuela

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by Ryan McMaken

During the 2016 presidential election, Bernie Sanders refused to answer questions about Venezuela during an interview with Univision. He claimed to not want to talk about it because he’s “focused on my campaign.” Many suggested a more plausible reason: Venezuela’s present economy is an example of what happens when a state implements Bernie Sanders-style social democracy.

Similarly, Pope Francis — who has taken the time to denounce pro-market ideologies for allegedly driving millions into poverty — seems uninterested in talking about the untrammeled impoverishment of Venezuela in recent years. Samuel Gregg writes in yesterday’s Catholic World Report:

Pope Francis isn’t known as someone who holds back in the face of what he regards as gross injustices. On issues like refugees, immigration, poverty and the environment, Francis speaks forcibly and uses vivid language in doing so.

Yet despite the daily violence being inflicted on protestors in Venezuela, a steadily increasing death-toll, an explosion of crime, rampant corruption, galloping inflation, the naked politicization of the judiciary, and the disappearance of basic food and medical supplies, the first Latin American pope’s comments about the crisis tearing apart an overwhelming Catholic Latin American country have been curiously restrained.

This virtual silence comes in spite of the fact that the Catholic bishops who actually live in Venezuela have denounced the regime as yet another illustration of the “utter failure” of “socialism in every country in which this regime has been installed.”

Thus, for many Venezuelans, the question is: “Where is Pope Francis?”

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  1. As a veteran, an Oath Keeper and a Catholic priest I can tell you that Pope Francis is very unpopular in the Church especially among younger, conservative priests and religious. Like all leftists he has divided the Church and punished those Catholic prelates that oppose him, e.g. Cardinal Burke. Recently conservative Catholics in Rome called him out on his hypocrisy and his lack of mercy. He started his pontificate with the words, “who am I to judge?” Yet he had the audacity to judge President Trump because of his immigration policies. Pope Francis is a leftist because he is from South America and a Jesuit. In the Church we are weathering this storm until the next papal conclave.

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