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Kushner Failed to Disclose Business Dealings with Globalist George Soros

Kushner Failed to Disclose Business Dealings with Globalist George Soros

This article comes from the Gateway Pundit

by Carter

Jared Kushner may be in hot water as more information comes out about his business dealings with George Soros.

Not all of this information is new. In various circles, this was well-known and well-documented.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Senior White House advisor, Jared Kushner did NOT include information regarding his ownership in a real-estate finance venture, which makes him business partners with the infamous globalist and Obama-puppet master, George Soros.

Also, Via The Daily Caller:

Kushner also failed to disclose loans totaling $1 billion from more than 20 lenders, the Journal reported.

The Real Deal, a New York real estate news site, reported in January that Soros provided Cadre — the company owned by Trump’s senior adviser — with a $250 million line of credit. That appears to confirm Business Insider’s reporting in 2016 that an unnamed, wealthy New York-based family opened up a $250 million line of credit to Cadre. Soros lives in New York.

Kushner’s ownership stake in real-estate startup Cadre makes him business parters with Soros, Peter Thiel and other billionaires, as well as Goldman Sachs, according to the Journal.

Jamie Gorelick, a lawyer for Kushner, told the Journal that the president’s son-in-law discussed his stake in Cadre with the Office of Government Ethics and also “resigned from Cadre’s board, assigned his voting rights, and reduced his ownership share,” the Journal reported, adding that Kushner is expected to make public a new, revised financial disclosure form.


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