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Jerry Brown: California Taxpayers are ‘Freeloaders’

by Joel B. Pollak  17 May 2017

California Governor Jerry Brown referred to taxpayers as “freeloaders” last week for objecting to his new gas tax and car fee hikes.

“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them … They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit,” he said. Brown was speaking in Orange County, defending State Assembly newcomer Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), who is facing a recall effort after voting for Brown’s new transportation taxes in April.

 The new tax raises existing gas taxes — already among the highest in the nation — by 12 cents per gallon, with higher taxes on diesel, and slaps car owners with higher annual registration fees. Critics have pointed out that the burden of the tax falls most heavily on middle-class Californians.

The Orange County Register, which covered Brown’s remarks, adds that Brown is sparing no effort to keep Newman in office. “He’ll have whatever he needs,” the Register quotes the governor as saying.

Kira Davis, commenting at RedState, remarks:

The 1,000,000 citizens in Los Angeles county alone who collect food stamps provided by taxpayers are not freeloaders. The millions of illegal immigrants being harbored in California’s sanctuary cities to the cost of taxpayers are not freeloaders. Illegal immigrants being provided “free” legal help by the state on the backs of taxpayers are not freeloaders. The bloodsuckers in the Sacramento legislature who get paid $178 a day in per diem funds on top of their bloated salaries just for walking in the door to their job every day are not freeloaders.

No, you – the burdened, law-abiding taxpayer are the freeloader for simply asking the government of California be more fiscally responsible with the money they already have instead of stealing more of your money without your consent to pay for programs that are already funded but have been raided for pet projects and personal enrichment.

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  1. Well written. Weird times when right is wrong and wrong is right. Brown truly has it backwards.

  2. And we are the free loaders? You tax us above the rest of the states by far, and give billions of tax dollars to illegal immigrants, misappropriate funds for all sorts of non pertinent garbage, and then like a spoiled retarded child you come to us and not ask for more money but decree it. you like all democrats have lost your minds over the past eight years. we the people have seen what a mistake it is to give you power, and we will not make that mistake again. and though you are distancing yourself from Gov Brown, as if your a different type of democrat, we know your the same. do not look forward to the governors office,for it will not be yours Gav. you and your friends are filth pigs, and were not going to abide you any longer. those who still support you are well to do special interests that do not support the people.

  3. I live in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia. Our state has been hijacked by these Progressives. Brown is a criminal piece of garbage.

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