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Why a Handout Gun?, by D.B.

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A handout gun is an inexpensive carbine and/or pistol given to someone who arrives at your home during societal collapse without one. The required criterion for this tool is that it be simple to operate, reliable, and reasonably priced. If you don’t have them in a rack waiting, then you do not fully comprehend what you must do in order to be prepared for TEOTWAWKI or WROL times.

Who Will Show Up At Your Retreat?

Family and friends will show up at your retreat. That will come unless they fall prey to a wild pack violence event on the way to your retreat. Who else will show up at your retreat? Straight up refugees will seek shelter with you also. Can you definitively predict this? What about your buddy from work? A refugee doctor or dentist? A Soldier that was on his way home for leave? A Lurch-sized college student far from home? Of course, one has no idea who will show up on their doorstep. If you could, then you would be able to also tell exactly when society will unravel and in what exact manner this will occur.

Untrained Refugees

The refugee/family member you take in will also likely not be trained to fight with a weapon. In addition, the refugee/family member will likely not have their own weapon(s). Therefore, they will be of little to no use in the securing of your retreat, if they cannot help pull security. Without a weapon, they cannot cover the front/back/east/west window. They cannot effectively man an Observation Post (OP), nor defend against the attacking hordes seeking your food, water, ammo, medicine, et cetera.

A 24/7 Perimeter Requires Many People

It will take approximately 12 people to run a 24/7 operation at a retreat.

  • You will need to have a rover patrolling the perimeter 24/7, hopefully broken into three shifts of eight hours at least. This requires a minimum of three people. (A total of three people so far.)
  • You will need a Charge of Quarters (CQ), which requires three more people. (A total of six people so far.)
  • You will want someone manning an OP on your most likely avenue of approach. This requires three more people. (A total of nine people so far.)
  • If someone gets sick, injured, or dies, you will need replacements. Would it maybe be good to have a day off every so often? Therefore, another three people are needed to rotate into the mix, for everyone’s sanity. This requires three more people. (A total of twelve people so far.)

All of this assumes you only have one likely avenue of approach that mandates a manned OP. It also assumes all people are able bodied and can carry out security tasks. Be ready to “plug and play” for these 12 people with a handout gun. More people is better to a point. The difficulty with adding additional retreat members is having to feed them.

Reliable, Universal Weapon Platform

The weapon platform must be reliable, above all else!!!! A universally used platform that any of your retreat members can pick up and put to work is prudent. Also, a common and simple manual of arms will be useful. An ergonomic weapon is good, particularly for those unschooled at soldiering.

These weapons are to be a combat platforms. I mean that 2-pound triggers and sights designed for 1,000 yard Creedmore rifle matches are in no way what is needed. Think ghost ring iron sights and USGI triggers. When I buy Magpul Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS), I drill out the aperture on the rear sight. I do this to allow the shooter to look through it to find the front sight for using available daylight as late or early as possible. I once was unable to shoot a bobcat with my Garand while waiting for daylight in the deer woods. There just was not enough light to use the sights in spite of being able to see the bobcat walking by me 10 yards away. You can bet all of my Garand apertures are drilled out now!

Camouflage Your Weapons

Paint the carbine. There are no straight black sticks in nature. Just get the Krylon and paint the thing! If it gets scratched, shake the can and repaint it! Pick the shades that match your area of operations (AO), and get it done. Be sure to mask off numbers on dials and any glass you have mounted, as well as the actual sights. Keeping the front sight post flat black is prudent to reduce glare on it.

Rifle Caliber

While the current military .30 caliber cartridge provides many steps up the power application scale over the 5.56×45, average younger retreat residents (10-15 year olds) and ladies will not be able to effectively fight with a weapon chambered in 7.62×51. Indeed, many “males” in our current sissified society would be unable to effectively employ a genuine battle rifle, such as a G-3, a FAL, an M1A, or an M-1 Garand. My Lovely Spousal Unit (MLSU) can effectively fire an M-1 Garand and loves to do so. The Garand for use in a fight, where she’d have to use it in a position other than off the shooting bench, engage in three second rushes, or even just carry it around the retreat, is completely beyond her capabilities. The handout gun likely needs to be chambered in 5.56×45. 7.62×39 (AKs) might be another viable platform.

Sidearm Caliber

The sidearm cartridge for a handout gun needs to be 9×19. The milder recoiling cartridge equals less intimidating recoil. Many people of smaller stature cannot adequately grip a .45 ACP chambered Glock. (Use G21 and G30. The G36 is single stack and not suitable for use with the other two as a combat weapon.) While the G22 and G23 can be acquired for a song now due to police trade-ins, be careful. All of my Concealed Carry Weapon students prefer the G21 or G19 over a .40 S&W chambered Glock. This is due to the snappy/harsh recoil impulse.

If you can afford another cartridge and want to match Law Enforcement in your area for ammunition, trade-ins make the .40s a possibility. However, fear of the sidearm due to pronounced blast and recoil impulse will result in flinching and many rounds in front of the target. Later, when it genuinely counts, this means misses instead of rounds inside the bad guy.

AR-15 As Recommended Handout Carbine

Here in the contiguous U.S., the handout carbine should be an AR-15. While the AK could be used, the tidal wave of ubiquity that the AR platform brings to the table is unmatchable. The good old Military Specification (Mil-Spec) is to blame for this. The Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) enjoys a 95%+ interchangeability of parts and accessories thanks to this set of rules. (MSR is the firearm industry’s label for AR-15s and AR-10s in its an attempt to get into the terminology war with the gun grabbing hoplophobes.)

While fortunate for the user to be able to swap parts and accessories, understand the Mil-Spec for what it is. It’s the best set of technical specifications available in the early 1960s! The firearms industry has made significant technological advancements since then. Metallurgy has improved. Polymers are stronger and more resilient. CNC machining makes tiny tolerances a matter of easy routine. Nickel Boron (NiB) coating and nitride finishes surpass parkerizing for weapons care and longevity. All in all, the Mil-Spec and its accompanying tsunami of spare parts and magazines makes the AR platform your go-to weapon system.

Direct Impingement or Piston Operation?

Should one use direct impingement (DI or a “gas” gun) or piston operation? I personally struggled with this aspect of the platform. I was schooled at the altar of the M-14 by soldiers who had lived the debacle of the “no maintenance required” newly fielded M-16. The bottom line, as Pat Rogers once told me, was that by the time you have fired 400 rounds with a direct impingement gun you should be looking for the opportunity to break it down and clean it. Finally, it is highly unlikely that you and your retreat group will be re-enacting the Battle of Wanat, where U.S. soldiers actually fired enough ammunition in a short period of time through their M-4s to heat seize the actions.

Short of a Battle of Wanat situation, the direct impingement carbine defecating upon itself with every pull of the trigger will likely get you through your “exchange of pleasantries”. The piston guns cost several hundred dollars more and weigh a bit more. It seems like these two factors probably bump the piston gun out of the running for handing out to your newly arrived retreat team members.

AR Caliber

Also, the cost difference between a 7.62×51 AR and a 5.56×45 AR is quite noticeable and departs from the Mil-spec ubiquity. Unless you have won the lottery, your handout gun will need to stick to the smaller platform due to higher cost and weight.

Sidearm Platform

With regard to a sidearm platform, 75% of the world’s law enforcement and military organizations use Glocks. The British army replaced their Browning High Powers with G17s in 2016. In fact, Glocks are a sack of hammers in terms of toughness and reliability. Certain portions of our armed forces have selected G19s. Those favoring them are the combat soldiers, not the morons in ordnance acquisition. Maybe, there is a message there. Additionally, Glock does not change models every other year, like their competition. Therefore, spare parts and magazines remain available and inexpensive. One can get parts and magazines from a dozen vendors on the web at fair prices. Try that with your Ruger, Smith & Wesson, or Springfield Armory weapon, which are all imitating Glocks by the way.

When a company fields a new model every other year, you should be put you on notice you will no longer be able to get parts or mags for it, if you ever could do so. The ubiquity tidal wave of the Glock platform is nearly insurmountable for their competitors.

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  1. If you are having “snappy or harsh recoil” in your semi auto pistol, put the correct recoil spring per load in the pistol, period!

    Yes, I know that you may have to use other ammo in a shtf scenario. Keep the factory lighter spring just in case. Takes seconds to change….

  2. Gee does that mean I have to buy a yrs. worth of food for 12 people now also? lol, comical article.

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