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Farage On Manchester: UK No Longer Safer Than France or Belgium

Will second terror attack in two months shake Brits from complacency?

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May 23, 2017

Brexit architect Nigel Farage said the notion that Britain is somehow less vulnerable to terrorism than its European neighbors has been nullified in the wake of the Manchester Arena massacre, the country’s second major attack in two months.

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“To a very large extent, we’ve looked at the kinds of terrorism that have happened in Belgium and France,” he said. “I won’t say we’ve gotten complacent, but we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re in a better place than the rest of Europe on this.”

“I think that any sense that the United Kingdom is safer than France or Belgium has rather disappeared this evening.”

He went on to predict that while London is an obvious mark for jihadists, the targeting of “teenage girls” in a secondary city will be “a very big shock for the UK.”

Immediately following the Islamist ‘car attack’ on Westminster Bridge in March that injured over 50 and killed four, Farage declared it was time to point the finger of blame at open borders activists and politicians who sacrifice the lives of innocents at the altar of globalism.

“What these politicians have done, in the space of just 15 years, may well affect the way that we live in this country for the next 100 years,” he said. “I remember, about five years ago, that I said we had a ‘fifth column’ living inside our own nation.”

“It was the first time in our history that we had people living amongst us that wanted to destroy our values, and actually even wanted to kill us, and I remember the absolute wave of condemnation that I came in for.”

Farage On Manchester: UK No Longer Safer Than France or BelgiumFarage, who once said President Donald Trump “was elected to protect America from ISIS terrorists,” addressed the absurdity of leftists working to thwart Trump’s attempts to preempt similar attacks in the United States through stricter border controls and immigration moratoriums.“When Donald Trump tries to make America safer, when Donald Trump tries to make sure that these scenes that we’ve had in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, and now London, aren’t repeated in America, we get people on Fifth Avenue and in Westminster out in the streets protesting,” he said. “You can’t have open-door immigration and not bring in terrorism.”When President Trump proposed a temporary freeze on immigration and travel from specific jihadist hotbeds identified by the Obama administration, Manchester was the scene of protest marches by open borders advocates who called on the British government to retract an invitation extended to Trump for a routine state visit.

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