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ESPN’s Leftward Lurch Explained: Disney CEO May Run for Democrat Nomination, Using Network to Curry Favor with Leftists

ESPN’s Leftward Lurch Explained: Disney CEO May Run for Democrat Nomination, Using Network to Curry Favor with Leftists

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by Dylan Gwinn

We may finally have an answer as to why ESPN has persisted in its leftward lurch despite strong evidence that it cost them their credibility with a large swath of their viewing audience.

According to Axios, “Disney CEO Bob Iger is being pelted with entreaties to run for president in 2020, and is clearly intrigued by the idea, according to industry sources. Iger has discussed the feasibility with friends but has made no formal moves.

“He’s hearing quite a bit of: You should run — you’d be a great president,” said one Hollywood insider. “He’s hearing that quite a bit from prominent fundraisers and Democratic insiders.”

Jeffrey Katzenberg, former Disney Studios Chairman, has reportedly encouraged Iger to run. The Hollywood Reporter, ran a piece in March which said that, “Iger has told friends he is considering their nudges.” According to Axios, “The rumor in Hollywood is that Katzenberg was a key leak of the story.”

The movement to encourage Iger to run, ironically, has its inspiration in President Trump. The sight of a wealthy head of a major corporation winning the presidency, especially one with no experience in elected office, has apparently convinced millionaires and billionaires on the left that they too can make the jump from Fishbowl Office, to the Oval Office.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. The answer to this problem is simple. Though I dare say very few will do it. However, for the sake of at least running it up the flagpole to see if anyone will salute, here goes.



    #1. Don’t buy anything with their logo on it, (if you already own any such items, put them away so you don’t forget and wear one out in public), or better yet, burn them, publically like the Left-ifa knotheads burn items they dislike or disapprove of. Although I support everyone’s right to freedom of speech, (and expression), I would really like to see the Left-ifas start a few of their next fires while wearing TAR & FEATHERS. Now THAT would be impressive!

    #2. Call your cable or satellite company and tell them you want them to turn off your ESPN. They won’t do it, (bundling ya know), but if enough people call in and make the request, I guarantee the message will get back to ESPN headquarters. Perhaps send them an email or snail mail request also.

    #3. Stop watching anything on their channel, and be vocal about it. Use your parental control option to ensure accidental poisoning of your family’s minds doesn’t happen.

    #4. Learn who their advertisers are, (most of you already know who they are), and stop buying their products. Be sure to tell them why. They will make sure ESPN headquarters gets the message. In a big financial way!

    If everyone who reads this would pledge to do it, and actually do it, it would make a big impact, and send a clear message. Don’t forget your friends and neighbors either. Get them involved too. “FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS WATCH ESPN.” 😉

    Just think, if you could actually muster up the courage to stop watching sports, how simple would it be to just go ahead and stop watching TV completely. Take in a good movie once in awhile instead. Or maybe rent or buy one to take home and watch. Believe it not, that big flatscreen will play something decent if you choose to take control of what it is allowed to be projecting into your homes and lives. There is NOTHING on mainstream network TV that is even factual, it’s all trash and fake news, it’s bad for ya. TIme to break the addiction.

    Just my two cents worth on the subject of this article folks. Remember; “Advice is always free, so take it or leave it.”


  2. Overall I really like your plan of action and will apply as much of it as I can.

    Regarding your #2 my understanding is $6.00 of everyone’s cable bill goes directly to ESPN so no matter what happens ESPN stays funded and does not have to change one iota.

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