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The City Of Baltimore Is Utterly Collapsing

The City Of Baltimore Is Utterly Collapsing

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Alastair Williamson is interviewed on the collapse of Baltimore.

From the description:

The city of Baltimore is in chaos. From record homicide and homeless rates, to a non-existent consumer market, the city of Baltimore is rapidly deteriorating.

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  1. I need to preface my comment with the fact that I was born just outside of Baltimore. I’ve been back to Maryland numerous times, both on vacation and through the military, including 4 stints at NSA at Fort Meade. This video saddens me, but I have to say, the last time Baltimore had a Republican mayor was 1967, so they’ve kind of made their own bed. Looks like a good portion of the city would make a great location for an apocalyptic, distopian movie.

  2. You would have to bring jobs to that area or have people willing to work in those areas. Some people do not know how to work, or are not willing to work. People blame others, but never themselves. They complain, but never take the initiative to better themselves or just don’t know how to better themselves (no mentoring). Things don’t happen overnight. The guy in the video talks about “rhythm.” People need to create there own individual rhythm. You do little things that create a rhythm and next thing you know things become a little easier for your self. Just like exercising a muscle. It is the nature of things. Try it!!!

  3. Instead of eminent domain the local/ state government allows cities to die and then allow wealthy developers to come in and average person can’t buy or rent and if you try to leave now which state do you move to? I’ve looked and every state has high property taxes and high rent costs.
    Also foreigners are allowed to move into dying cities It’s all about supplanting Americans!

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