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Can One Man Make a Difference? ~ KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall makes the case for yes, absolutely, one man (or woman) can make a difference. Do our actions need to be as dramatic as the examples she gives us? No, but it all adds up when we each get involved and do something to preserve liberty. KrisAnne Hall is an inspiring speaker, talk show host, author, educator and constitutional attorney.

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Published on Nov 23, 2013

There is an idiom that goes something like, “many hands make light work.” As you may have surmised, it means that the more people involved in helping with a job, the quicker and easier it is to complete the job. That being true, can just one person make any difference against the growing and open tyranny overcoming our nation? History says, “Yes.” These days, we are distracted immensely more with our surroundings than our fore-bearers. Reading and writing were just about “it” as far as any media was concerned for our founding generation, but they took to both activities voraciously. These men knew what tyranny looked like first-hand, and some sacrificed everything in defense of liberty. Outspoken talk show host, author, educator and constitutional attorney, KrisAnne Hall lights her own fire for liberty at the Oath Keeper Preparedness Rally this past summer. If you have not heard KrisAnne Hall speak before, you are in for a treat.





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