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CALL TO ACTION: Defend Free Speech in Boston on Saturday, May 13th!

Join us for an Afternoon Defending Free Speech!

Lets’ ensure the participants have a safe environment to exercise their rights and prevent the Antifa from spoiling this event.

All Patriots Welcome!

Please forward this to your like-minded friends!

NOTE:  It has just been confirmed that Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, will be speaking at this event, and so will Kyle Chapman (aka “Based Stickman”).



CALL TO ACTION: Defend Free Speech in Boston on Saturday, May 13th!

The Event

A group named Boston Free Speech has organized a Free Speech Rally to take place between 12 Noon and 5PM this Saturday, May 13th, on the historic Boston Common.  The address is 139 Tremont Street, Boston, MA. We anticipate that several hundred Patriots will attend to exercise their right to free speech and peaceful assembly.  Click here to learn more about the event.

Oath Keepers has just been asked to assist with security and is now coordinating with other patriot groups (Kyle Chapman’s FOAK, Proud Boys, Three Percenters, bikers, etc), as well as local law enforcement, to ensure the safety of the event from several terrorist organizations that have publicized threats and are organizing to spoil the event, such as:


If you want to help with security, please come to the park early, no later than 10am.

Please help support our efforts to protect everyone’s free speech rights. If you can’t join us in  Boston, please donate to help defray the travel costs of those who can.


The Threat

A collective of regional Antifa organizations has asked its members to assemble at the event location at 11AM on Saturday, May 13, 2017. They anticipate that sufficient members will congregate from various regional cells to spoil the event. They have asked their members to be prepared to disrupt the event, wear black and cover their faces.  Roughly 100 Antifa members are expected to attempt to disrupt the rally.

CALL TO ACTION: Defend Free Speech in Boston on Saturday, May 13th!

Free Speech Won in Berkeley, CA.  Now It’s Time to Win in Boston

Oath Keepers was instrumental in providing security for two successful free speech rallies in Berkeley, CA – on April 15 and again on April 27 – where our police and military veterans worked with a coalition of groups to prevent Antifa from being able to harm or even disrupt any of the speakers or any of the people in the audience.   On both occasions, it was at 100% FAIL for Antifa and a 100% victory for free speech.   We can, and will, do it again.

This event in Boston has great significance because Boston is the “Cradle of Liberty” where the resistance to the abuses of the Crown began, leading to the American Revolution.   This is where great patriots such as Sam Adams, John Hancock, John Adams, Dr. Joseph Warren, and James Otis stirred the fire of liberty in the hearts of the people, and where the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the Battle of Bunker Hill occurred (in nearby Charlestown).  That Antifa wants to shut down the free speech of patriots right there in the birthplace of American liberty shows the contempt they and their communist allies have for this nation, for liberty, and for all those who fought for it, bled for it, and gave their lives for it.   It is time for all patriots to come to the aid of the sacred cause of liberty, to prevent its desecration on such hallowed ground.

NOTE: If you are an Oath Keepers member and would like to be part of our formal security team, please email us at:   Please provide us with your name, state of residence, member number and date you joined, a link to your social media pages if any, a list of your training and experience, and a phone number we can call you at.    Only those who can keep a cool head and stay calm under pressure and focused on the mission are wanted for that formal Oath Keepers security team.   We need to be the “quiet professionals” who are not there to engage in arguments and shouting matches, not there to grand-stand, but are simply there to keep people safe.   If you are not an Oath Keepers member, or just want to come as an individual or as part of some other group, then just come to the Boston Common on the day of the event.

We  sincerely hope that the Boston PD will do their jobs with commitment and effectiveness, in protecting peaceful free speech and assembly, and we will do all we can to encourage and support that outcome.  But, if they fail to, it will fall to us to get the job done (as we have had to do in prior instances where police stood down on orders from oath breaking politicians).     Please come prepared to protect yourselves and others.


Head protection.  A bike helmet, a rock climbing helmet, a PASGAT or MICH helmet, etc.  Whatever you want on your head all day.  Black is the preferred color if you have it, but if not, bring what you have.   Antifa is known to use sticks, clubs, frozen soda cans, D-cell batteries, rocks, bricks, and M-80 firecrackers.   A visor on the helmet is best of all, with ballistic goggles underneath.  We only have 15 actual police riot helmets, so bring your own if you have one.

Eye protection.  Googles that will stay on your face and will prevent smoke, fluids, and caustic chemicals from getting to your eyes.   If they can seal against your skin and provide a tight seal, all the better.  Treat them with anti-fog spray if you can or get anti-fog lenses.  ballistic lenses are best.

Ear protection. Some earplugs stashed in a pocket or Peltors if you have them.  The bad guys like to use bullhorns and airhorns at close range as well as M-80 firecrackers, which are VERY loud.

Hand protection.  Some protective gloves that will protect against impact and cutting, and also fire resistant.  Again, expect poles, hard thrown objects, m-80 firecrackers, and possible incendiary devices and burning objects.   Knuckle protection is nice to have too, in case you need to go hands on.

Soft Body Armor.  If you have it, wear it under your clothes.

Hard Body Armor.  If you have it, bring it.   Will help against blunt trauma and thrown objects too, or against body punches.  Be prepared to keep it in a backpack and out of sight if a lower profile is more warranted.

Groin cup.  An athletic cup is highly recommended.   There were some injuries last time from possible bad guy M-80s or similar.   That hurts, and so do kicks and punches there.  Wear a cup.

N-95 masks or similar to protect against pepper spray in the air.

Kerchief or Shemagh around your neck that can be used to protect your face and neck.   A good idea regardless of whatever else you do.

Long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt.   Preferably NOT nylon, since if it catches fire it will stick to your skin.   A leather jacket is best, but wool, cotton, Nomex or some other fire retardant material is good.

Good boots/shoes.  Steel toe may help, but whatever you are comfortable in for a long time on your feet.

IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit).   Tourniquet, quick clot, pressure bandage, eye wash, etc.   We will have an EMT on the ground with us, who will bring eye wash but if you want to bring some too, by all means do so.

Boo-boo kit. Bandaids, Advil, Alleve, etc and any meds you need.  Sun screen, etc.


RADIO. A FRS/GMRS radio.   A dual band HAM radio, such as one of the cheap Boefengs, can work too since it has it all.  A long antenna if you have it.

A LOUD whistle.  For signaling and calling for aid.

Fire extinguisher.  If you have it, bring it.  We need at least two dedicated fire-fighters this time.  If you have Nomex gloves, bring them.

A food bar or two or snickers bars to keep your energy/blood sugar up if you need that.   Ditto for energy drinks.  Whatever you need to keep going.

Oath Keepers shirt or hat if you have them.  By all means, wear your Oath Keepers gear.

A map of the area around the venue.

A flashlight.  Brighter the better just in case things go on into the night or in case you end up indoors in a dark room.  You never know.

NOTE ON SHIELDS AND FLAG POLES:   Homemade shields are very effective for defense against thrown dangerous items, and flag poles can be pressed into service to use to defend yourself or others under duress.  Unfortunately, at both the April 15 and April 27 rallies in Berkeley, the PD banned those items from the park.   This past weekend, the New Orleans PD imposed a similar ban on the entire are near the monuments in dispute.   While you certainly can and should bring both shields and flagpoles in case you are allowed to use them, be prepared for the possibility that you won’t be able to use them on the Boston Common.

Let us know if there is anything we missed that you think needs to be included. If you are missing something on this list, don’t let that keep you from coming.  Show up and we will make do.   We will get you outfitted one way or another.

We sincerely hope it is a peaceful event this Saturday, but given the pattern of the America hating communists, we should expect them to try to shut us down.

We salute you and look forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with you against the domestic enemies of the Constitution.   I have no doubt that all who came before us, from the Boston Massacre on, who spent their blood founding this Republic, defending it, and then passing it into our hands, are watching to see if we can keep it.

For the Republic,

Oath Keepers

Oath Keepers will be incurring a lot of extra expense with this operation.
Your donation to this effort is greatly appreciated.



CALL TO ACTION: Defend Free Speech in Boston on Saturday, May 13th!


Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. The fact that you consider the FOAK to be a “patriot group” speaks volumes about where this organization is headed. For shame…

    1. Help us out here my friend. I am not familiar with FOAK. What is it about them that disqualifies them as “patriot group” to your mind?

      1. FOAK and Proud Boys are nationalist groups, not patriot groups. If you need me to explain the difference to you, BRO….well. Then you are part of the problem.

        When Stewart Rhodes says he would punch a neonazi in the face, this is who he is talking about, and for OK to play dumb and pretend this isn’t who they are crawling into bed with doesn’t look good for an otherwise respectable organization.

      2. I’ll respond here with the same thing I said in the tribute video post:

        From what I have seen, Kyle Chapman is a CIVIC nationalist, not a white nationalist (and, by the way, there is an entirely different person from New Zealand named “Kyle Chapman” who is a white nationalist, but that is not the same man). Kyle Chapman, the American known as “Based Stickman,” has made public statements opposing white nationalism and referring to himself as a civic nationalist, which means all he cares about is whether you stand for Western Civilization and the American way of life, not what color your skin is. And he is married to an Asian lady and has a mixed race son. The actual white nationalists condemn him as a “race traitor” online. Look it up.

        And the Proud Boys are also not a white nationalist group, as far as I know. If you have proof otherwise, please point me to it. The ones I have spoken with certainly are not, and some of the Proud Boys who were with us at Berkeley were Hispanic.


  2. Boston Common is a GUN FREE Zone do not bring any kind of firearm on the Boston Common even if you have a “Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Class A Large Capacity – License to Carry a Firearm” This is the (MA version of a CCW permit). .

  3. Firearms are prohibited. How about batons, or homemade black Jack’s? Not that I could make it there ( am a nurse and have permanent days to work). Though I am not former military or LEO, I did pledge, and swore an oath at the Knoxville,Tn T.E.A. Party on April 15th ,2009. Just wish we had an event here that I could attend. Thanks for what ALL YOU GUYS DO for our country try and our rights! And thank you all for your service.

  4. Prevent fights between anyone and oath keepers, the antifa movement will try to bait you so they can make us look bad. they seen oath keepers and defenders of the 1st and other individual show proper respect and calm, uncompromised emotions get smacked and punched and provoked.

    Boston cops have enough memories of terror and are ready for anything. so get out of the police way (of course) and even if Antifa turd falls to the ground, help them stand and ask them “even Oathkeepers Stand for you, now stand for something”

    1. It would be highly advisable to maintain THIS as a fundamental message and to spread this message with all emails that go out in calls for action for Oath Keepers.

      Be Safe! Semper Fidelis, Romeo

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  6. Everyone be aware. Antifa IS gathering on the south east corner of the Common. All black, balaclavas, flags. No weapons visible as yet

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