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California Handgun Roster LEO Exemption Swaps Exclusive Privileges for Universal Rights

California Handgun Roster LEO Exemption Swaps Exclusive Privileges for Universal Rights
Gun-grabber (except when he thinks he can get a political advantage carving out exemptions for supporters) Rob Bonta and friend. Do you really need to know any nmore about him than this photo reveals? (Rob Bonta: Facebbok)

“California maintains a list of handguns that can be legally purchased by the public,” The San Diego Tribune reports. “But the law establishing that list also includes an exemption that allows some members of law enforcement — police officers and sheriff’s deputies, for example — to buy ‘off-roster’ guns.”

Because evidently the danger of “untested” guns that make them “unsafe” to be owned by the rest of us mundanes goes away when transferred to the capable hands of “trained professionals.”  How that is so, when a gun making the “safe” list has nothing to do with operator skill and everything to do with manufacturers paying a fee to the state, is left unsaid. But the bottom line is, police are the “Only Ones” exempted and mere “civilians” (yeah, I know, that’s why it’s in quotation marks) will have their lives destroyed if they get caught violating the “rules.”

And naturally, as with all such edicts, this one has contradictions that create a massive Catch-22:

“Brandon Combs, executive director of The Calguns Foundation, a group that advocates for gun owners and gun rights, said the law puts the onus on licensed firearms dealers — who have to broker any sale through a private-party transfer — to verify that the buyer and seller are both in law enforcement and can make the sale. But Combs said there is no database or any other method available for dealers to verify that information.”

No matter that the chief proponent of such exclusivity is Assemblyman Rob Bonta, D-Oakland, as committed an oath-breaking gun-grabber as you’re likely to find. That suits establishment law enforcement groups just fine, with support for Bonta’s efforts coming from all the usual “We’ve got ours” suspects, including:

“[T]he California Statewide Law Enforcement Association, State Coalition of Probation Organizations and the Police Officers Research Association of California. Another two dozen law enforcement unions and organizations supported the bill, including unions for San Diego police and county probation officers.”

“Bonta, who has sponsored several gun control bills, said in a statement that AB2165 was designed to allow ‘certain trained law enforcement officers to continue using their firearms after the state’s list of prohibited guns changed,’” The Tribune explains. As already seen, that’s a fraudulent claim, as roster inclusion has nothing to do with operator skill, and even if it did (which would be an unconstitutional prior restraint), with the exception of special tactical operators, your average rank and file cop is not required to show a level of qualification skills that can’t be matched and exceeded by plenty of“ordinary” gun owners.

I don’t suppose receiving endorsements from some of those groups has anything to do with it… didn’t find running through the LAPD qualifying course all that difficult. And remember, many officers do bare minimum in terms of practicing, many departments allow basically “C” level performance to pass, and those who don’t can retake the test. But that doesn’t stop any of them from owning “off-roster” guns.

Don’t get me wrong – I think all these officers have an absolute right to own whatever firearms they want, regardless of anything job-related. I just also think we all do.

That’s why, just as these and retired officers should be able to carry firearms anywhere in the country, I opposed the so-called Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) which, aside from its ridiculous “skill” test, excludes the rest of us.

I don’t see any of the organizations stumping for LEO exemptions on gun edicts giving any thought at all about bringing the people they say they “protect and serve” into the fold—as a matter of fact, many are just fine with ratcheting up the infringements and supporting anti-gun politicians.

We’re supposed to have equal protection under the law. You can’t have that when elite groups have their place at the table and the rest of us are left on the outside looking in.

Especially when we’re the ones paying for the feast and every member of those elite groups has taken an oath to the Constitution…

UPDATE: Bonta wants to make sure his fellow communists are welcome in California government positions where they can maximize subversion efforts.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Until we see massive, dozens of simultaneous lawsuits against California, nothing will change. There seems to be very little resistance to California’s conspiracy against the people.

  2. Don’t forget that the California politicians exempted themselves from all gun laws. As for police being specially trained. I train with police officers quite regularly and I shoot at the same ranges as said officers and if there skills exceed us “regular” citizens then I must be a tier one operator because I outshoot more then half of them on a daily basis. Most California officers I know on a personal level go to the range 3 to 5 times a year and are far less proficient with a firearm then most of us “regular” people.

  3. Former CA resident here. I bought a Gen 3 Glock Mod 22 in 2006. I am a lefty shooter, so when the Gen 4 came out, I tried to trade up. Turns out the Gen 4 is not on the “approved” list, though the only difference is the ambidextrous mag release button. S&W and Ruger stopped selling hand guns in CA because of new microstamping requirements.

    CA (AKA Mexifornistan) cannot delete the second amendment, but they can regulate weapons into oblivion, and that’s exactly what they are attempting to do. From outlawing high capacity mags and so-called assault weapons to banning lead ammunition, Mexifornistan is quickly moving into a “gun-free” state. Hence, my former resident status.

  4. The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, along with PRoNJ and NY have turned into full on Soviet States. Ole Joe Stalin would be proud, as even he was not able to regulate the size of peoples cups, or tax sugar content.
    Its sad, truly and horribly sad

  5. It’s disgusting, the amount of EVIL that neo-Americans are willing to TOLERATE in the name of vanity among their fellows and servitude to the state.

    When injustice becomes law, REBELLION becomes DUTY! Indeed, empty words until someone CALLS THE MUSTER. Need an example? Here are two:

    1. 1776
    2. 1862

    Third time’ the CHARM!

    3. 201X

    We are LOOOOOONG overdue for a course correction. Let’s bring this Republic [back] HOME, to where she BELONGS!!!

    12/15/1791 or BUST!!!

  6. TCI, I hear ya and believe what you say, buy where are all of the patriots? Communism, Fascism just like Islam can not co-exist with U.S. Constitution.

  7. We in California can purchase off roster hand guns via private party to private party through an ffl dealer transfer of course however the guns are either used or previously owned…

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