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The Boston Free Speech Rally 05.13.17 – Tribute Video

Video by Navy Jack
Published on May 13, 2017

Patriot organizations including Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys joined with Boston free speech advocates, Kyle Chapman and many others to promote liberty, freedom and inclusiveness.

The local North Shore Antifa, Refuse Fascism and an organization named “Stand Against Hate Boston” tried desperately to spoil the event and celebration but were unsuccessful.

Final Score:
#Antifa – ZERO

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The Boston Free Speech Rally 05.13.17 - Tribute Video

Please help support our efforts to protect everyone’s free speech rights. If you couldn’t join us in  Boston, please donate to help defray the travel costs of those who could. Thank you.






  1. I’m not sure why Oathkeepers insists on calling Proud Boys and FOAK “Patriot Groups”

    they are nationalist groups with considerable membership overlap and collusion with neonazi organizations, and it tarnishes OK’s otherwise sterling reputation to associate with them so freely in recent times.

    1. From what I have seen, Kyle Chapman is a CIVIC nationalist, not a white nationalist (and, by the way, there is an entirely different person from New Zealand named “Kyle Chapman” who is a white nationalist, but that is not the same man). Kyle Chapman, the American known as “Based Stickman” has made public statements opposing white nationalism and referring to himself as a civic nationalist, which means all he cares about is whether you stand for Western Civilization and the American way of life, not what color your skin is. And he is married to an Asian lady and has a mixed race son. The actual white nationalists condemn him as a “race traitor” online. Look it up.

      And the Proud Boys are also not a white nationalist group, as far as I know. If you have proof otherwise, please point me to it. The ones I have spoken with certainly are not, and some of the Proud Boys who were with us at Berkeley were Hispanic.


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