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Antifa Arson in Philadelphia


On May 1st, known as May Day, 11 homes were burned down in Philadelphia in a horrific blaze the ATF and investigators have ruled as arson.

Video Published on May 3, 2017
Jack Posobiec, DC Bureau Chief for TheRebel.Media, was in Philadelphia
where 11 homes were burned down in a riot that included members of Antifa.

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The neighborhood known as Point Breeze has seen a lot of new construction lately as poorer parts of the city are now once again seeing some revitalization thanks to businesses who are taking a chance on the communities.

A series of flyers were posted in the area in the days before the blaze targeting the development stating “Stand up, fight back, don’t allow this gentri scum to bury you.”

Antifa Arson in Philadelphia

These photos also included the three-arrow symbol of Antifa.

Currently, the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has put forward a $12,500 reward for information in this attack.

Independent journalist Jack Murphy reported that an Antifa mob of 30-50 was seen rampaging through Philadelphia on the same night.

I spoke to a member of the ATF field office in Philadelphia and turned over all of this evidence. They confirmed that they highly suspect that a “group of suburban kids who did this because of politics but don’t know what they were really doing” were behind the attacks.

While they didn’t name Antifa, that sure sounds a lot like them.

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  1. If you are a property owner rancher that sets a back fire to protect your property you go to jail for domestic terrorism. If you are leftist protester you get a pass.

    1. The truth of your comment is almost more than I can bear. Rage meets the Cross, and I am calmed…we’ve got this brother.

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