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22 Dead, 50+ Injured, Youngest Victim Eight Years Old After ‘Suicide Bomb’ at UK Ariana Grande Concert

22 Dead, 50+ Injured, Youngest Victim Eight Years Old After ‘Suicide Bomb’ at UK Ariana Grande Concert

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by Breitbart London

22 people have been confirmed dead and around 50 others are injured following reports of multiple explosions after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in the North of England on Monday Evening.

Greater Manchester Police originally said there had been a “number of fatalities and others injured” at the Manchester Arena, where Grammy-nominated pop singer Ariana Grande was performing. Nineteen people were confirmed dead as of 8pm EST.

Eyewitness accounts posted to social media show convoys of ambulances moving to the centre of Manchester as thousands of music fans fled the Manchester Evening News Arena.

Live updates:

UPDATE 1415 — Third victim named

“Beautiful soul” 26-year-old John Atkinson has been named as the third victim of the Manchester attack.

As the news comes in, the sympathies and condolences to the familes of Georgia Callender, Saffie Rose Roussos and John Atkinson #RIP

— GMP Middleton (@GMPMiddleton) May 23, 2017
UPDATE 1355 — Police raid Manchester home of suspected killer, use controlled explosion

Armed police used explosives to enter a house in Elsmore Road, Fallowfield, Manchester in the past hour reports the Manchester Evening News, which is understood to be the former residence of the suicide bomber who killed 22 at last night’s Ariana Grande concert. A neighbour told the paper:

“There were about 20 armed officers in all black with machine guns. There were another 20 uniformed officers who were in the street.

“There were also plain clothes officers who were also armed. The road was cordoned off, but there was no evacuation of the street”.

The force subsequently confirmed there had been a “controlled explosion” at the property as part of the investigation.

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