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The Wilderness Supplies My Salad

The Wilderness Supplies My Salad

Lonnie, at Far North Bushcraft And Survival, gathers himself some wild plants to make a tasty salad.

Some say that wild plants are more nutritious than garden grown plants. Regardless, nature provides both edible and medicinal plants for us to consume, if we only look.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This another easy food prep. The Best Way To Grow Indoor Potatoes Is In A … Garbage Bag?

    While potatoes certainly aren’t your standard house plants, they’re surprisingly easy to grow indoors, and unlike planting in the garden, you get to control the growing conditions. Better yet, you can grow potatoes indoors any time of year, which means fresh potatoes for dinner, even when snow is falling.

  2. Lonnie has some great bushcraft videos on his YouTube channel. He’s one of many folks putting out great info in woodscraft out there.

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