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Violent Clashes Break Out Between Pro And Anti-Trump Protesters In Berkeley





  1. Well done Stewart and all Oathkeepers. I saw the quote from the LA (Raza) Times yesterday. The contempt they radiate with the written word is inflammatory trash.
    I rejoined (as an associate) to help defray some of the costs.
    Thank you.

  2. “I dislike the neo-Nazis more than Anti-fa, since they try to worm their way in and by doing so, they harm the cause of liberty far more than the radical leftists could ever do.”

    Have to agree with this! However, it’s getting harder to tell the difference.

  3. Fellow Oath Keepers,
    On this Easter Day I want to say, “Thank you Stewart, John and fellow Oath Keepers who were at Berkley”. I am proud of what you did and Oath Keepers have put the opposition on notice that they will not continue to go unopposed. Oath Keepers that I have talked with always ask, “What can we do about what is happening in America”? We need to emulate what happened at Berkley yesterday. I hope that what occurred will ignite all American Patriots into action and we show the opposition that they are not unopposed. Take care and God bless you all.

  4. Way to hang back boys. The ‘neo-nazis’ are confused white kids who have been de-educated, de-identified, blamed for everything and would be the first people to start back peddling if ‘Nazism’ came to America. All of these Alt-right kids are really a creation of the liberal left; out of frustration. So get off your high horse Stewart because what we need is street muscle at the moment to push these communist thugs back into the gutter and get America rolling. If some of that muscle is confused at the start, so be it. Because we need it. You all have jobs, property and bills so you aren’t going to start anything. What you guys are all getting ‘trained’ for will be kicked off by the brave boys fighting the other day who have nothing to lose. You are going to come in AFTER the fact. So show them, whoever they are, some respect.

    1. I on several occasions, was out in the street, trying to talk people down. At least the people who were facing the Anti-fa, black masked parade. I was disappointed that people in the group I was there to protect, were counter-antagonizing the “parade”. It was surreal. I later found out that the counter antagonists were an uninvited white nationalist group, who, like those in the parade, came to be self indulgent to their anger and frustration. So much misdirected rage, and cooperation with the divide and conquer strategies of those who thrive on volatility and chaos.

  5. If the Antifas people are beating up peaceful Trump supporters while you and the police are there, it was not at all successful.

    1. Oath Keepers never intended to “police” several city blocks of rioters. That’s the job of the Berkeley Police Department.

      Our mission as a security team was to support free speech by protecting both the speakers and attendees at the rally at the park. The free speech rally was held as scheduled. Oath Keepers, the California III%, and several other groups worked together to keep that part of the park safe and secure. The security team was successful. After the rally was over they all left the park.

    2. We guarded the perimeter. That was a complete success. Our job was to keep the speakers and guests of the rally safe, period. What happened in the streets, was a whole another deal. We were not going to chase people up streets, down ally’s, etc. what we did did spot on. Please do not be critical

  6. How about a shout out to all the other security team’s that helped out. 3%’s ,California valley patriots (CVP)
    American civil defense (ACD) And the others that we’re there to keep peace.

  7. To be fair Nancy, we have heard enough speakers. We can free speech all we want. It doesn’t make any difference.

    The real war was being fought down the street against the shock troops of liberalism who walk the streets with impunity. The “something’s gonna happen one of these days” crowd were watching, holding onto their vests, while others were making it happen just yards away. And getting stabbed for it.

    1. Our mission was to protect the speakers and rally attendees. They still want to speak and listen. However that’s almost impossible in Berkeley, so they asked for our help. We didn’t go there to join the expected street riot. (Anti-fa and Trump supporters were not the only groups looking for a fight in the streets of Berkekey.) We did exactly what we went there to do.

    2. @ Alan G (First comment)
      “So get off your high horse Stewart because what we need is street muscle at the moment to push these communist thugs back into the gutter and get America rolling. If some of that muscle is confused at the start, so be it. Because we need it.”

      That is what we already got. What we need, in my opinion – yours maybe different because you don’t like the US Constitution or whatever – is to completely follow the US Constitution. Why? Because that is why we are where we are today. Oath takers did not keep their Oaths and accept their personal responsibility. Instead the blame got kicked up the ladder. But guess what, those who give the orders can do nothing when Americans who serve under them REFUSE to follow unLAWful orders as is required of them, and refuse to allow them to commit unlawful and unAmerican acts against our people, our nation – LEA, military, agency, etc.

      Daniel Webster: “We may be tossed upon an ocean where we can see no land – nor, perhaps, the sun or stars. But there is a chart and a compass for us to study, to consult, and to obey. That chart is the Constitution.”

      People would not have private property of all types stolen by those who serve within law enforcement, that is an inalienable right. Asset forfeiture – show me where that authority is in the US Constitution, or in your state’s Constitution, it isn’t because the US Constitution REQUIRES all who serve within our governments to PROTECT private property of ALL types from governmental and non governmental thieves.

      “Constitution of this state declares, among inalienable rights of each citizen, that of acquiring, possessing and protecting property. This is one of primary objects of government, is guaranteed by constitution, and cannot be impaired by legislation.” Billings v. Hall (1857), 7 C. 1.

      “Right of protecting property, declared inalienable by constitution, is not mere right to protect it by individual force, but right to protect it by law of land, and force of body politic.” Billings v. Hall (1857), 7 C. 1.

      Nor would travelers be stopped and searched, spied on at home and everywhere else, etc.

      Fourth Amendment.

      “Right of transit through each state, with every species of property known to constitution of United States, and recognized by that paramount law, is secured by that instrument to each citizen, and does not depend upon uncertain and changeable ground of mere comity.” In Re Archy (1858), 9 C. 47.

      There would be no one dumb enough to enforce a “Constitution Free Zone” within the USA.

      “As general rule men have natural right to do anything which their inclinations may suggest, if it be not evil in itself, and in no way impairs the rights of others.” In Re Newman (1858), 9 C.

      There would be no lying to the American people by those who serve within our governments, because no where is the power to deceive the American people delegated from the American people into their Constitutions – state and federal – go read them.

      Judges do not “interpret” the US Constitution, nor do they create Law. They do not hold their offices for life, only are allowed to remain in that office as long as they use “good Behaviour”.


      “To be fair Nancy, we have heard enough speakers. We can free speech all we want. It doesn’t make any difference.”

      Actually, no we don’t. In some states movies are banned, books are banned – some are banned from being released in the USA, etc. On the internet, another tool for speech, many speeches, etc are unlawfully removed.

      It all makes a difference. But if a group of Americans who say they want our legitimate government to be enforced then behave as the BLM, DEA, groups, etc against the Law of our land then that purpose is defeated. Why? Because if one must break the supreme Law of our land, then it has no teeth. But it does have teeth, which is the people as the Militia which is the constitutionally required enforcement arm.

      Oath Keepers has meaning, great meaning. Because if people do not understand their Oath, and the US Constitution, then those that serve will continue to do the opposite of the supreme
      contract that they are under – assisting in the destruction of our nation.

      Why are we at “war”? Because those who serve within the military do NOT know and KEEP their Oath. Wars of aggression are forbidden. Wars MUST be declared so by those that serve within the Congress in this nation. No one else has that authority. But because it is the Congress duty, and because they also have constitutional means to rein in any who invade the legislative branches duties, THEY are at fault, even if they were not the group that did it, they did not rescind it.

      So what has to happen now to get our country straight? Start by being an example, and do NOT follow unlawful orders. If the law/regulation/code/treaty/etc is not “in Pursuance thereof” the US Constitution it is “color of law”, pretend law created by someone believed to have that LAWFUL authority to create it, but does NOT. Even those given the Lawful authority to create laws/regulations/codes/treaties/etc are given boundaries as to what they can create. All of that is in writing.

      If you (generic “you”) just use force without the US Constitution backing up what you do, then what difference is it from what is already going on? Since at this time we are still a Constitutional Republic under the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution, with a lot of domestic enemies and traitors (though some of it is totally becasue of being dumbed down). But that does not change that fact. There have been coups, Kennedy, etc, but even there those that did the deeds did not change the government, they just started changing the language, the education, etc. They gave “authority” to do things to those that serve within LE that no one can give them, etc. They dumbed the people down so badly that when they take the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and friends to fight in a military that is forbidden, being used in wars of conquest and aggression at the beginning; but with the discovery of power and money, winning the wars mean nothing, only that they continue. Etc.

      So what can a person do? Educate, and do NOT follow unlawful orders. Stand when one can. Teach your children to be Americans, not part of the “isms” and technocracy. Refuse to commit unlawful spying, stopping people from traveling, stealing their property, breaking/entering/etc, do NOT do any search without a LAWFUL warrant, no military on US soil (bases, etc are federal soil, etc. If you are the cook, the housekeeper, etc do NOT do that duty until whatever unlawful thing the governmental employee above you stops because YOU are also required to take an Oath and KEEP it; etc.

      1. Cal I need to point out that your use of inalienable right is incorrect it is actually unalienable right!

  8. Stewart,

    Please don’t use the term “civic nationalism”. It was devised by white supremacists to slur any right winger who doesn’t want to kill brown people. They want to polarize things along racial lines with white nationalists on the right vs. everyone else. If they succeed, this will pave the way for their stated goal of establishing a white “ethnostate” in CONUS. which means physical removal of all non-whites, race war, genocide.

    Thanks to toxic left-wing identity politics, bad immigration policy, economic discontent, and very real anti-white racism in corporations and institutions like Berkley, they are growing in numbers. They are mindfully infiltrating across the right-libertarian spectrum to wake up whites to the RAHOWA and purge all non-whites. They are going to damage the liberty movement in the short term by discrediting it and purging minorities, and if they succeed in taking over, it’s going to make things very unpleasant for mixed race and non-white individuals who want an alternative to cultural marxism and global totalitarian government.

    Read Vox Day, Stormfront, Daily Stormer, and most of the people interviewed by Reality Calls/Tara McCarthy (a few of whom I spotted at the Berkley event) to understand how they think.

  9. My distain for white nationalists is at least as severe as Stewart’s. Confused or not, I will not fight beside those that promote racism. If I find myself fighting against a foe that the white nationalists also find is their foe, so be it. That does not mean I am sharing a foxhole with them or coordinating any action, ever.

    As for Alan G above, I agree with Chip; you are crazy. As for the “Stewart, get off your high-horse” comment; you insult me and everyone that has ever served in uniform protecting this great nation with that ludicrous remark. If you want to fight beside neo-Nazis, have fun; just don’t think you can straddle the fence because you can’t. Once you taint yourself with the scourge of racism, it never washes off.

    Everyone in this country has the right to free speech. That includes the Antifa and the neo-Nazis. Nobody has the right to inhibit or restrict the free speech of others. That’s the way it is. That is the oath that you took. So, do we have to standby and say nothing? Of course not. We have the right to free speech as well and if we do not exercise it, we will lose it. That is what Oath Keepers sought to achieve on Saturday; provide a safe environment for the exercise of free speech; speech that has been repeatedly threatened by the community in Berkeley, CA.

    Those that participated should be thanked and not held responsible for the actions of others outside of their span of control. They should be congratulated for having the self-control to hold the line they promised to hold. Had the decision been made to enter the melee outside of the speaker’s area with the limited force available, the mission would have been compromised and would have almost certainly failed. I do not want to share a foxhole with soldiers that think it is just hunky-dory to abandon their post and leave the line to an inadequate force. If you’re one of these people, you need not apply if I ever ask for assistance again here in Washington, DC. We need participants with discipline, honor and a sense of duty; not half-cocked “Patriots” or pissed-off thrill seekers.


  10. Absolutely spot on NJ…White Nationalists are as antithetical to our American heritage as the Multicultural Marxists. We need to condemn both with equal fervor. One is a snake, the other a crocodile.

  11. If you want to see what it looks like when a international terrorist organization invades your city/town/county then take a walk around Berkeley, CA and then watch the videos of the people being attacked for not bowing down to the terrorist ideology. These international terrorist organizations are operating in numerous countries to incite global slavery of people and implement various forms of communist or anarchist control. A reporter at the Berkeley Freedom rally asked a antifa terrorist why they were they are fighting and she said revolution is not easy and it requires people to get hurt. These terrorist came to the Freedom Rally at Berkeley to commit premeditated murder and brought the tools to commit murder. These people are domestic enemies. Many have trained overseas in Islamic Terrorist group training camps; some of their leadership have fought for ISIS and have returned to the United States and other countries to bring the war to local communities. These people should be arrested by the FBI and prosecuted by the Justice Department for committing acts of terror, attempted murder and a whole host of violent crimes. If you see the videos from the Berkeley Freedom Rally you will notice that the terrorist groups showed up in mass , broke through the police line and attacked rally attendees who were in the cordoned off area for the rally. You will notice that the terrorist were not searched, the attackers were not arrested and their ground command and control group, which was quite visible, were not arrested. After a period of time the police asked the attackers to return to move out of the rally area, took dozens of poles, a few knifes and assorted other prohibited items, back packs were not searched, the terrorists were not searched and the terrorist used concealed poles, explosives, knives, fireworks, bricks, rocks, bottles, cans, pepper spray, bear maze and brass knuckles against the rally attendees. Counter that to the experience of the rally goers, upon arrival, the rally attendees were individually stopped and searched, back packs were searched, flags with poles and breathing apparatus were confiscated (the searches did not turn up explosives, knives, brass knuckles, sheilds, concealed weapons of any type, etc… from the law abiding folks), I don’t have an issue with these actions as they were prudent and announced in advance as prohibited items to be enforced against both groups, the issue I have is the rules were only enforced against the rally attendees an apparent attempt to ensure they would be massacred by the terrorists who were allowed to keep weapons. When the terrorists left their designated “protest area” and entered the city streets, the Berkeley Police did not arrest the terrorists or their leaders (I asked the Berkeley Police if it was legal to occupy the city streets, endanger people walking on the sidewalks or driving on the street, damage public and private property, attack citizens in the area, throw explosives into the rally, etc…, the Police Department responded the actions were not legal but they were not about to try and arrest people in a crowd of several thousand people, I pointed out to the police ground commanders the terrorist group obviously numbered no more than 100 and it was very easy to identify the offenders who were being recorded by their own body cams, or by dedicated officers who were recording with professional equipment, or the recodings from the police helicopter overhead which were most likely live steam to the City of Berkely Emergency Response office located in City Hall at the end of the Park or Berekely Police headquarters located at one corner of the park, , the live stream video from 3 news helicopters overhead which would have also been viewd in the Emergency Response office, live streams from local and network TV stations and live streams which would have also been viewd in the Emergency Response office , live streams from independent internet, You Tube and Facebook stations which should have also been viewd in the Emergency Response office. The Berkeley Police soon after retreated a block away and did not return until the rally was over but not before arresting or detaining several people who had fought the terrorists in Berkeley twice before, in San Diego, in Huntington Beach and in San Jose. It was obvious that the Berkeley City Council was complicit in aiding the terrorist groups and numerous Berkeley civil servants and education employees participated in the attacks on American Citizens, and ordered the Police to not search the terrorist or to seize their weapons or to arrest them or their leaders and withdraw from their legally required responsibility to protect the citizens of Berkeley who were at the rally and the numerous other citizens of nearby communities who were at the rally or the numerous numbers of Californians from all over the state who were at the rally. While I was, and still am, extremely concerned about the obvious illegal acts to support terrorist by Berkeley City employees (elected, appointed and staff), the failure of the Alameda County Sheriff’s office to take action when the Berkeley Police could no longer fulfill it legal responsibility and the failure of the state governor, attorney general and many others who have provided aid and comfort for these same terrorist organizations and failed to take action when the Berkeley Police and Alameda County Sheriff’s Department’s failed to perform the required community protection. I was less concerned when it became evident that the rally crowd grew over time as the start of the rally approached and progressed, this was due to one reason, Californians knew the rally would be protected unlike the 2 prior events in Berkeley and those in San Jose, Huntington Beach and San Diego. When the rally successfully ended with the outstanding protection and support of Oath Keepers, 3% and Biker groups many rally goers safely headed home with the entire Berkeley Police Department and several riot control teams from the Oakland Police Department withdrawn several blocks away, Californians who understood the terrorist threat took the fight to the terrorist and drove them out of the city of Berkeley. When the terrorist come to your community will you and your neighbors run and be murdered or will you stand and fight even when the civil servants you pay to protect you openly work to support the terrorist?

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