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Videos of the free speech rally in Berkeley today…

3 Live Feed Sources added. The videos are “facebook live” from a cell phone and are posted on the Oath Keepers National facebook page as they come in.

At this time, there are 5 videos. Video #3  is an interview with Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes.

Oath Keepers and other groups were asked to be there to protect the speakers and those attending the rally.

(The photo is from the March 4 rally in Berkeley.)

UPDATE – Live Feed – Berkeley rall – here:

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And here:

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And…another one:

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  1. We need to get to the head of the snake. After watching this feed, I am nearly convinced that the “Hitler Brown Shirt” analogy is impossible here. These hooded and masked thugs are the greatest cowards imaginable! Think about it…they were to afraid to talk to the video guy, even though they were masked! There is no level of chickenshit beneath that! Keep the FAITH brothers! Thanks you Stewart and John & co. for being there!

  2. PS ~ There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is trying to get US back in the game! What we are witnessing at this very moment is a Gevurah/Chesed transfer of American power back to the Alpha. I believe Trump wants to feed and nurture the American Sheep Dog brothers and sisters. Lets be smart…keep our guards…and give him a chance!

  3. Antifa makes noise to stop people from speaking, but just as much because they need to prevent their own people from listening.

  4. Here is a link to the fullest and best stand-alone video of Stewart’s Liberty Rally speech I have been able to find as of now. Thanks for all everyone continues to do to ensure the continued protection of the Constitution. God bless and keep you all!

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