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Patriot Nurse – Are YOU Prepared for Neo-Bolsheviks and the Armed Left?

Patriot Nurse - Are YOU Prepared for Neo-Bolsheviks and the Armed Left?

Patriot Nurse understands what we are up against. History DOES repeat, as the neo-Bolsheviks are using the same tactics they have always used. We need to be informed and prepared.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I love this lady, but I’ll believe the “armed Left” is a serious problem in this country when they launch a successful attack on an armed opponent.

    1. I work at the public ranges here and see these little Snowflakes arming them selves and practicing and it looks like they would not survive first contact. Besides there were 3 of them that had been shooting their AR-15, standing in the parking lot, unwilling to get in their car so I approached them to see what the problem was. Seems that 3 brave men with an AR couldn’t get a bee out of the vehicle so I killed it, asked them not to contact PETA for my indiscretion, and went back to work.

      1. She is right that Communists have killed 100 million people in the last century, but they did so by disarming their opponents first. The Left in this country has been attempting to disarm Americans since the late 60’s, and the number of privately owned firearms has increased 5 fold since then. Sorry for beating a dead horse, but they are just not going to defeat us on the battlefield.

      2. I’ve seen a significant increase of trendies with “snowflake” written all over their faces at the local range. They look at you with a wondering gleeful look. A trendy with a gun doesn’t make a warrior.

  2. I am really afraid,now that the leftists are buying firearms. I mean, have you seen how good they are on those combat video games? I guess an old veteran like me doesn’t stand a chance!

  3. The neo-bolsheviks, aka Trotskyites, aka neo-conservatives, aka neo-liberals, will not necessarily attack anyone. They can use a proxy army, such as a large disgruntled minority population. They can also import third-world savages. I believe this is a real threat; not hypothetical.

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