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Oath Keepers Participate in Trump Rally to Support the Constitution March 25, 2017

By Chip Murray

Four Orange County Oath Keepers connected with two Oath Keepers from Ulster County to take part in one of the many Trump Rallies that were staged all across America on Saturday, March 25. The organizer (Roisin Michele) did a fabulous job staging beneath the radar so as not to attract Antifa-types. 438 patriots showed up in Poughkeepsie, NY to march across the Hudson River and back again. There might have been two or three Antifa goons among a dozen or so pink-pussy-hat wearing snowflakes who jeered us on from their pathetic perch on the sidelines.

We made the local news for handing out over 150 pocket Constitutions to everyone…including the protesters and very appreciative and supportive, State Police, Park Police, Plain Clothes, and Park Officials.

Oath Keepers Participate in Trump Rally to Support the Constitution March 25, 2017


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  1. Kudos to all you New York OathKeepers, from a transplant to the Jersey Shore. Many of my ancestors are from your niche of the woods and served during the Revolution. It’s good to know that the spirit lives on.

  2. A big thank you to all involved in this rally.We here in NY are in the trenches of tyrannical Gov and politicians,cities and colleges and at times seems like there is no hope for this state.Great to see that there are liberty minded folks out there especially down state.God bless each and every one that was involved.

    1. @ NY Oathkeeper, I,ll say brother! You and yours from what used to be the beach head of liberty are now in the belly of the beast. As from a line on a John Wayne movie I saw long ago, “You have true grit” And even perhaps once again the beach head of liberty.

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