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Oath Keepers Battle of Berkeley April 15 After Report

Stewart Rhodes and John Karriman discuss what went down last week on April 15 in Berkeley, CA and what we should expect next from the communist left.

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Video Published on Apr 21, 2017

At the request of the event organizers from Liberty Revival Alliance (Rich Black and David Fadda), Oath Keepers sent current and retired police officers (most from California) as well as military veterans and patriotic citizens to help provide security for the April 15 free speech rally in MLK Jr. Park in Berkeley, CA. John Karriman served as our tactical team leader on the ground. Stewart Rhodes was also present. Also part of the combined force security element were California III% patriots and American Civil Defense (all outstanding professionals), as well as bikers from “Two Million Bikers.” Then came a couple hundred more patriots who showed up all geared up and ready to defend, including the Proud Boys, Kyle Chapman (Based Stick Man) and his followers, and MAGA hat wearing patriots, more bikers, and even more Three Percenters. It all added up to a bad day for Anti-fa and BAMN. A total epic FAIL for the bad guys, and a total epic victory for the good guys and for free speech.

Oath Keepers Battle of Berkeley April 15 After Report

American patriots of all races stood together in defense of free speech in Berkeley.  An awesome sight!

Here, Stewart and John discuss the performance of the Berkeley PD and what grade John would give them for that day (they did better than last time, but not as good as they could have), the way in which Anti-fa was outmatched and outclassed, and how the speakers were able to speak, and the audience was able to listen without being attacked or even disturbed in any way.

Anti-fa failed to take the park, failed to shut down the event, and failed to even touch anyone within the audience or among the speakers within the defensive perimeter of the park. That is the real news the media is failing to report.

They discuss the duty of all “sheepdogs” to defend the innocent, and the need to unite the patriot warrior class (current serving and veteran cops, military, and other first-responders along with patriot gun owners) to defend our communities.

And they discuss what we are likely to see from the communists and far-left “Lefty-Fa” after they lick their wounds, hit the bong, and do some navel gazing – hint: look to the 1970s history of the Weather Underground and related groups who resorted to terrorism using bombs and guns when they failed to trigger their mass communist revolution.


NOTE FROM STEWART RHODES: We would like to thank Rich Black and David Fadda for putting on this Patriots Day Free Speech Rally, for asking us to help with security (it was an honor), and we congratulate them on a great success. We wish them all the best with their future endeavors.

We also salute the brave speakers – especially the incredibly brave women such as Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern – who put themselves at personal risk to be there, in defiance of domestic terrorist threats of violence. We were honored to help protect you at the event.

This was the first event in recent history where free speech from anyone on the right was successfully carried out in Berkeley California despite the violent hissy fit of the America hating, U.S. flag burning, M-80, rock, and bottle throwing, bike lock swinging communists that infest California. Rich Black had held his March 4 event in the same location, in reaction to the UC Berkeley Milo fiasco in February, and despite some serious violence on March 4, he and his supporters came back yet again on April 15, but this time with more defenders. And this time it was a success.

We especially want to thank the Alameda County, CA Chapter of Oath Keepers who stepped up in a big way.   Contrary to some false media claims, the vast majority of our members there were locals, not from out of state.

And we also salute all the great American patriots of every race and background, whether in a group or on their own, who showed up on April 15 to stand in defense of the Constitution against openly declared domestic enemies. Many of you were brother veterans, but veterans or not, you are all our brothers and sisters, and it was an honor to shake your hands and to stand with you. Be proud of what you accomplished. On that day, on that spot, the Constitution was fully defended and enforced, by YOU. We love you all!

For the Republic,

Oath Keepers

If you believe in the mission of Oath Keepers, to defend the Constitution against all enemies,  foreign and domestic, please consider making a donation to support our work.   You can donate HERE.




  1. This is a great interview! I hope all chapters will share with all CPT Stakeholders in their respective regions and counties. Just because this level of unrest doesn’t currently exist in your neighborhood doesn’t mean it isn’t on its way…God Bless you Stewart, John, and all who showed up to stand up for all of us!

  2. Keep up the great work. Paul Becker, First responder Chaplain. Police,Fire,Medical. Rocky Mtn. Region

  3. Thank you brothers, former military now DAV. I appreciate your actions in defence of free speech. If you require assistance in fl or Ga please feel free to call on me. I will be glad to defend our country’s values. Your grateful brother at arms glenn

  4. I guess you are aware that these radicals WILL escalate and continue to get more and more violent. Also be aware that many of the LE organizations WILL send in infiltrators to essentially collect information with the intent of filling charges against Oathkeepers and their allies.
    The time is coming when it will be necessary to take the battle to the radicals. IF you can make their “experience” so painful and debilitating that they will decide to rethink their determined efforts to silence American patriots.
    Guys. It is going to escalate. You know that. And in order to win, we need to take the battle to them.
    Remember. War is never good. IF you go to war, make sure that you are willing to meet the force with even greater force. Never limit yourself to the point that you can be exceeded and lose.

    1. Agreed and agreed. However, if you “take it to them” by that I suspect you mean initiate first strike violence, you’re asking for leo-type involvement, in a bad way.

  5. If I did not dislocate my shoulder last month I would have been their with my fighting stick and chukas.

  6. Is there the an official directive from OathKeepers regarding mobilization for the Ann Coulter event on April 27th?

  7. Glad that they listened to my requst, and the organizers to show up, and halp out. Real heroes.

  8. Great video. I hadn’t known it went so well.

    Regarding getting a permit and the Berkeley police forbidding shields: how is a shield anything more than a defensive ‘weapon’? And these are the people that will give us a permit to speak at a public venue? I doubt it.

    At some point we have to stand up to bad law and its enforcement. Not easy, for sure.

    1. The Berkeley PD said a shield could be used offensively too, to strike. Go figure.

      As for the permit thing, if they deny it, then sue them. One more arena to fight in.

      What needs to happen is Sessions needs to grow a spine and send in the FBI to investigate the Berkeley Mayor and other officials for conspiracy to violate civil rights. But don’t hold your breath. That or Trump needs to call the National Guard into federal service, to put down what really is an insurrection. But again, don’t hold your breath. He’s far tougher on commies way over in N Korea than he is with commies right here inside our wire. Why is that?

  9. Please, I want to second the question above. Is. There any serious plan to resist Antifa on the 27th for the Ann Coulter talk?

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