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How Did NY Gov. Cuomo Make $783,000 From A Book That Sold Only 3,200 Copies?

How Did NY Gov. Cuomo Make 3,000 From A Book That Sold Only 3,200 Copies?

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Fox News Channel parent News Corporation may be wrapped up in the sexual harassment accusations surrounding host Bill O’Reilly, but, as International Business Times’ Lydia O’Neal reports, the company is facing another long-running scandal involving what appear to be exuberant payments to a Democrat – payments that occurred even as News Corp. was lobbying the New York State executive branch, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo oversees.

The New York governor, whose memoir was published by the News Corp.-owned HarperCollins in 2014, saw his gross income more than double last year, to $417,748 for 2016 (from $196,243 the year before), the Buffalo News reported Tuesday. Cuomo attributed $218,100 of that increase to sales of his memoir, “All Things Possible: Setbacks and Successes in Politics and Life.”

In 2015, the governor reportedly earned zero income from book sales and in the nearly three years that it’s been on the market, it has sold just 3,200 copies. But Cuomo, the Buffalo News found, reported that he received a total of $783,000 from HarperCollins in book sales over the past three years,  a number that would translate to royalty payments of nearly $244.69 per copy.

How Did NY Gov. Cuomo Make 3,000 From A Book That Sold Only 3,200 Copies?

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  1. NOOO!!! I am shocked can’t be! King Cuomo? oh but we can have free college tuition.Thats better! Wheew!!!

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