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Do Not Fear “The Starving Masses”

Do Not Fear "The Starving Masses"

Pastor Joe Fox, of Viking Preparedness, gives his take on what to expect in a Grid Down, WROL situation. Will the masses stream out of the cities and seek out rural areas (the boonies) to steal your stuff?

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. The gentleman is exactly correct in his assessment. My ranch is 1.5 miles from the nearest neighbor who is on a primitive gravel road, five miles from a not well traveled highway. The starving whatever will invade asphalt access premises first in their own place of dwelling and those that survive that will venture out further. But now they will be out of their element. The only people I see are through a fluke are out wandering about. If the SHTF, the perps have to get past a lot long before my ranch. So…make your choices.

  2. Our place in Arizona was about a mile off the main road on non-paved road. No one knew there was a house out there because of the brush and normal treeline. My children grew up thinking our address was Pavement Ends, Arizona.

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