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No “safe space” for Antifa anymore…

Free speech is not to be tolerated according to Antifa thugs. Anyone who disagrees with Antifa is a “fascist” and must be silenced by threats of violence and outright riots including assault and battery against their “enemies”.

Berkeley seems to be the hotbed of intolerance towards any proposed speaker who does not follow the liberal/progressive/leftist ideology. Free speech must by stopped “By Any Means Necessary” and there’s a group for that. BAMN. The facebook page of Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin shows that he joined BAMN’s facebook group and is facebook friends with BAMN leader  Yvette Felarca. Felarca is a teacher, and so are others who are active members of BAMN, and were participants in the BAMN/Antifa violence in Berkeley on April 15.

Thanks to Oath Keepers, California III% patriots, American Civil Defense, Proud Boys, and many other patriots, the scheduled Free Speech rally (that Antifa wanted to stop) was held as scheduled at noon. The speakers and attendees were safe and secure, and the rally was a success.

It was the area outside the protected rally area where the rioting occurred. The so-called “Battle of Berkeley” was a loss for Antifa as they were prevented from disrupting the Free Speech rally and then pushed out of the area by pro-Trump supporters.

Most of the rioters in Berkeley on April 15 wore masks to protect their identity. However, there is an active effort online to “out” those who are committing crimes, or inciting others to commit crimes. This poor Antifa soul appears to be getting panicky that Antifa/BAMN rioters’ identities are being revealed. He apparently wants to “feel safe” while he is engaged in assault and battery. He has yet to learn that wearing a mask will not absolve rioters of the consequences of their actions.

No "safe space" for Antifa anymore...

Via Twitter – H/T Western Rifle Shooters

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  1. Ohhh! Poor babies! What is the world coming to when you can’t assault others without putting yourself at risk. So unfair!

  2. People on OUR side need to stop wearing ANYTHING black to these protests, so they won’t be mistaken for AnitFa Fascists.

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