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NavyJack – Has President Trump Been Blackmailed or Deceived by the NEOCONs?

I’ve never been a big believer in strategic coincidence. The announcement that Steve Bannon was being removed from the National Security Council concerned me. Mr. Bannon has been a voice against foreign interventionism so loved by the CIA and the NEOCONs. The timing was suspicious considering recent events in Syria.

Bashar al-Assad is being blamed for a chemical weapons attack against the forces of Al-Nusra Front in Idlib. Maybe he did it, maybe not. A warehouse that had been identified as a munitions storage depot for Al-Nusra Front seems a strange target for use of a sarin gas bomb. That the warehouse was the target does not appear to be in dispute. The only thing in dispute is what type of bomb was used.  Last I checked, and those that know my background also know that I am an expert on these issues; sarin gas delivery mechanisms are not really useful for leveling buildings. These allegations against Assad are suspicious; eerily similar to the 2013 chemical weapon used in Ghouta, Syria.

“Zero Chance Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag” – Ron Paul

Many are saying this was a false-flag attack orchestrated by the CIA with the intent of causing a release of chemical weapons being stockpiled by Al-Nusra to force President Trump to take military action against Assad. Again, the timing is strange as Secretary of State Tillerson had announced less than a week earlier that Assad could remain President of Syria as long as he continued to support U.S. coalition forces with the destruction of ISIS. But now, all that has changed. The war drums are beating. Tillerson made statements today that “Coalition Steps Are Underway to Remove Assad“. All this was occurring with the backdrop of the National Security Council being packed with NEOCONs like Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley and Rick Perry. I find this a curious selection of individuals to say the least.

One could make the argument that Bannon was being removed because of his well-publicized disagreements with Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law. If that were the case, wouldn’t Bannon be the first to admit it? One could also speculate that he was removed because he was the only voice on the National Security Council opposed to intervention in Syria and someone who might be skeptical of Assad’s selection of a sarin gas bomb to level an Al-Nusra Front warehouse.  It is possible that his opinion would not be welcome in a room of war hawks and NEOCONs determined to overthrow yet another country that dared to challenge U.S. domination.

Remember as a candidate, Donald Trump was severely critical of US foreign interventionism. He was also critical of our policies leading to the destruction of Libya and Syria. I find it remarkable that all that could change in the blink of an eye over the alleged use of a chemical weapon by someone that only a week earlier we had publicly announced could remain President of Syria. You see, it just makes no sense that Assad would use chemical weapons to level an Al-Nusra Front munitions building. It makes no sense that Assad would risk his relationship with a new US administration that was showing support for him.

It’s difficult for me to accept that President Trump could reverse course on Syria so quickly before the facts of the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad are even investigated. Banging the war drums and threatening to overthrow the Syrian government does not seem to be a responsible course of action prior to an investigation that has been demanded by Syria’s major ally; Russia. I would certainly hate to see these events result in our nation and Russia engaging in open conflict. Something here just does not add up. Is President Trump so impetuous as to risk war with Russia over what could just be a Syrian bomb striking a chemical munition in a known Al-Nusra Front munition warehouse?

One other theory has also surfaced. It’s a dark theory of blackmail against the President by the CIA and the NEOCONs that resulted in these groups regaining control over the National Security Council and U.S. foreign policy. The theory involves the source of friction between Steve Bannon and Mr. Kushner.  To avoid spreading gossip, I will not repeat the details because as far as I know this theory is just wild speculation. I will say that it would be a shame if Steve Bannon knew the truth about these matters and failed to inform the public before U.S. servicemen and women risk their lives to overthrow the Syrian government to satisfy the appetite of the NEOCONs.

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NavyJack - Has President Trump Been Blackmailed or Deceived by the NEOCONs?

Comment from Stewart Rhodes:

I’ll be a bit more bling than Jack on this.  There is a reason the Founders, in their wisdom, delegated the power to declare war to CONGRESS on Article I, section 8 of the Constitution. It was so that no one man or small group of men could decide the fate of millions by making war on another sovereign nation and sending our sons and daughters into combat on their say so alone.  It was to be the people’s representatives alone who would make such fateful and momentous decisions.  This is not a case of immediate self defense against attack on this nation or its armed forces. There was no emergency. Congress has plenty of time to deliberate and decide. But instead the imperial presidency had yet again carried out an act of war against another sovereign nation on its own, outside the bounds of the Constitution on the “advice” of a small cabal of neocons as foolish as the ones who ran the Bush Admin foreign policy.

Whether or not Assad did it, it still belongs to Congress to decide to go to war.  And an air strike against the armed forces of another sovereign nation is an act of war.

Trump has no authority under the Constitution he swore to defend to make this decision to go to war.  It is wrong. And it is especially wrong and foolish when doing so risks war with Russia, a nuclear super-power. And as Jack said, this also goes entirely against his own stated principles which helped him get elected. Whatever happened to America first?  How is this putting the welfare, lives and liberty of the American people first?  It isn’t.

Trump is playing brinkmanship and risking war with Russia for what, exactly?  And before all the facts are in, and in a rush rather than waiting to take it to Congress.  Why?

I believe it is highly likely that Trump has been blackmailed in some way, and it likely has something to do with his son in law (hence the friction with Brannon).   I’d be shocked if that was not the case.

If so, he is risking nuclear annihilation of millions of Americans to cover his own rear end and to play “let’s make a deal” with the neocons.

If not, then he is still playing craps and rolling the dice with millions of lives just to not look weak on the eyes of the same neocons who want his head.

Either way, it is precisely what the Founders meant to prevent from taking place when they gave the power to go to war to Congress.

We have not had a declared war since WW II and look at how they have all turned out since.  And look who has been orchestrating them all.

This is the deep state tail wagging the dog, yet again, and this time it is Trump as the dog.

Brannon needs to spill the beans and blow the whistle on whatever is going on, no matter how ugly it may be.

Otherwise the deep state will run this nation just as they did during Bush or Obama, with Trump as a figurehead puppet. The election of Trump will have become a joke and a farce as any kind of reversal of our descent  into an imperial dictatorship of the globalist elite, with a mere facade of we the people being in charge of jack.

Remember your oaths and hold Trump to his, no matter what.

If he won’t drain the damn swamp, then we will, one way or another. 



NavyJack - Has President Trump Been Blackmailed or Deceived by the NEOCONs?
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Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. Well, we know the answer to your question: “Is President Trump so impetuous as to risk war with Russia over what could just be a Syrian bomb striking a chemical munition in a known Al-Nusra Front munition warehouse?”

    I have the same concerns you do. I also heard Savage thinks Israel is behind the false flag. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what Jerrod Kushner is doing. Now I have a pretty good idea.

    1. Trump is being blackmailed for sure…and Kushner must be in on it…something to do with Ivanka perhaps ? Trump took the job with high hopes of being the saviour president…they took him aside and told him he would have to follow the script or else…however elsewhere in the world there is a power struggle going on between those who want to continue ruling the world and those who want the human race to live in freedom. Trump given half a chance would fulfill his pre election promises…or maybe I am being naive and he just like the rest of them ? I am not so sure…

  2. Good reporting NJ…red flags flying. Flynn…Bannon…Nunes…solid patriots seeming to become dispensable. Brings the Barnhardt Axiom to mind: ” The fact that a given person is holding or seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.” Not ready to give up the ghost quite yet…but, we better get the rat exterminators in there pronto!

  3. Feb 3, 2017 How Trump Filled The Swamp

    With promises to “drain the swamp!” still ringing in our ears, we have watched Trump appoint nothing but Goldman banksters, Soros stooges, neocon war hawks and police state zealots to head his cabinet.

  4. Excellent article Navy Jack. many of us are quite perplexed about this for numerous reasons not the least of which is the Constitutionality of the action. I had hoped much better from Trump but now fear he may have been compromised and brought to heel in much the same manner that Reagan was only without the bullet.

  5. Well actually, it should concern us more that a Media sensitive President’s staff are under perceived suspicion of collusion with the Russians at just the time when an option of diplomacy may have been a better choice here. What I’m saying is; “They narrowed this President’s options.” In fact, 1 option was left on the table.

    For me, it would be hard to believe that the gas attack wasn’t a put up deal. Way too much coincidence!

  6. Jack said it but we were all thinking it – great article. It was scary to see neocons stacking on Trump and pushing their way into his administration. Adios Flynn and Bannon.

    President Trump has been compromised, pure and simple. As Jack points out, the gas attack play to topple Assad has been tried at least three time before, discredited, and attributed to Al Nusra or whatever that fun-loving proxy army is calling itself these days. Come on now- Trump now trusts the intelligence community (the same guys who work day and night to undermine his presidency) enough to a attribute the alleged attack to Assad and light him up in under two days? It looks like we are back on track with the PNAC road map – watch out Iran. Oddly enough we got to this point faster than than if we would have elected Hillary in the first place (At least she may have take some time monetize the presidency.)

    It was great while it lasted – trump gave us a pretty good peak under the kimono. I guess it is on us to the hijackers know we are on to their game. Could it be that patriots and leftys actually have some common ground?

    1. Chesty, you are right; no matter who is president, this was going to happen, but we do not have any common ground with the leftists. Leftists are the ones who are openly left-wing commies, but they are also the neocons who pretend to be conservative. The commies control both sides of every conflict that they create.

  7. We all know that all wars are bankers’ wars. And since Syria is one of the last countries on earth that doesn’t have a rothschild central bank, it has to go down. And since trump filled his administration with goldman-sachs apparatchiks, this was inevitable.

  8. ALL MY OK BROTHERS…..Trump was very smart to do what he did. We need to trust him. Trump is on our side.
    Consider this.
    Trump responded to the chemical attack (who ever was responsible) in a way that got the worlds attention.
    We as the US will not allow terrorism in any form.
    The area that was hit was a building that housed the munitions and supposed chemical weapons. The rest of the base including the runway was untouched. No civilian casualties.
    The important US allies including Russia were informed ahead of the strike. Russia was informed so as to not suffer losses.
    The only two countries left out of the loop were China and North Korea. HUM?
    Chinese President was waiting to meet with Trump at his estate in Florida and was told to wait for an hour when Trump arrived. The Chinese President now sees that Trump is serious and they had their meeting. North Korea got the same message.
    I could be wrong about this but I feel that this is a possibly good scenario.
    This puts all the Russia garbage to rest. I am sure that Putin is aware that the message was to warn North Korea and China that Trump is for real.
    What do you think?

    1. I for one, think you have something there. Another way to look at the situation, which is valid. Either way, if some bad guys got ushered out, that’s good. I guess we wait and see, now. Trump has fooled a lot of people before. I don’t think he shows his cards before he plays his hand.

    2. Similar arguments were advanced about President Obama. Those arguments proved wrong as heck! Trust your gut instincts–and you should always double think what you hope are theirs.

    3. Scott, I had much the same reaction. In the overall scheme of things, I don’t think it matters much at this point what the provenance of the sarin gas was, although I agree with NJ that it makes little sense that it was Assad

      For starters, Trump is smarter than George Bush, so I’m going to be surprised, nay, shocked, if he falls into the same neocon trap that Bush did. This strike sends a message to a bunch of different players, but, if it achieves nothing else, it just sucks all the oxygen out of the Dems’ ridiculous Russia collusion meme. As someone on Fox noted last night, the world is on notice that there’s not a “new” sheriff in town, there’s finally a sheriff.

    4. Brother Scott,

      I hope you are right, I really do. But I can’t see how this political theater is going to go well and not embolden the neocon thugs. Every time the administration needs a nudge on Syria (and soon Iran) well there you go – another false flag is on the way. And what better way to mobilize our nation than an attack on our homeland. My fear is that the chickens will come home to roost soon. it may be our babies on TV the next go-around.

  9. Stewart’s suspicion that Trump may be being blackmailed on account of his son-in-law immediately reminded me of the refusal of Nationalist Colonel Moscardo to surrender the Alcazar in Toledo during the Spanish Civil War in order to save his son from death at the hands of the Republicans who were holding him (the son) prisoner. They don’t make them like that any more–certainly not in New York.

  10. Oath Keeper since 2009. Trump never campaigned for constitutional government. Why are we surprised? I spent months pointing out that fact to patriots before the election. They didn’t want to hear it then. And the vast majority don’t want to hear it now. I’m sorry but, ‘It’s the Constitution stupid!’

    Trump is already an oath-breaker.

  11. I would like to point out that I posted this article before the Tomahawk strike. I agree with Stewart that the President exceeded his authority by ordering the strike. The strike was extremely limited in its effect. There were casualties. Reports vary, but at least 4 Syrian service members were killed and between 7 and 9 civilians were killed. Considering that 59 missiles were launched, you have to question the effectiveness of the strike. The airfield is still operating. Strikes against ISIS in Palmyra are ongoing from this airfield. The missiles did not miss. The strike did not intend to disable the base. With 59 missiles launched, fuel facilities, communications, radar and weapons storage areas would normally have been targeted to shut down operations. This did not occur and it was intentional.

    I honestly think Trump knows what is going on and is going along but trying to do minimal damage. He certainly got the RussiaGate people to tone it down by risking war with Russia. He got John McCain and Lindsey Graham to praise him. I know that there were several attack plans presented to the President and I have been told the one he selected was designed to do the least damage. This base is protected by Russian S300 anti-aircraft systems. They were not targeted. If it was a “real” attack intending to shut down operations, these systems would have been destroyed. Trump clearly did not want to push the envelope too far and risk killing Russian soldiers. My sense is that Putin will rattle the sabre for a few days and then stand down. The NEOCONs want to balkanize Syria and I doubt Trump will do anything to stop them. There are many motivations involved in the Syrian conflict, none of them are altruistic.

    Trump has packed the National Security Council with NEOCONs. They provide advice not decisions. Whether Trump can control this remains to be seen. He is playing a dangerous game. I certainly do not condone his attack against Syria last evening. Hopefully with the number of dead weighing on him, he won’t make that mistake again. Time will tell.

  12. Hmmm 59 (aged) Tomahawk missiles launched and very little damage, Migs in need of repair, etc, etc. Obviously pre-cleared targets in collusion with Russian Commanders. Looks more like an appeasement strike for the Dems and world opinion. An excellent message for Munchkin-Un and Xi. The Art of the Deal in action….opens the door for Trump to have open dialogue (face to face) now with Putin.

      1. Weren’t these departments placed without Congress, CIA, FBI etc just by speaking them into existence? Then the reverse can be done also, right? If I’m right. I am open for knowledge.

  13. I am glad to see this article. It is troubling to me that Steve Bannon is gone from the NSC for one day and then this happens! Without Steve Bannon, the Trump foreign policy quickly degenerates to look like a Hillary/Pence foreign policy, in my opinion. “Thank goodness Hillary isn’t in the White House.” That statement becomes less relevant with every Trump airstrike. My conclusion? Trump Foreign Policy Minus Bannon = Hillary/Pence Neocon Foreign Policy. And nobody voted for Trump for that.

  14. I just don’t think the people like McCain will give up until Assad is ousted. And I think false flags will continue until an accident occurs with Russian troops and then…

  15. I think Kushner is playing the President against Steve Bannon because he is a trouble maker. I don’t like his deceitful looks, I know that isn’t much to go on, but all you have to do is look at those eyes and one can see the deceit in them!!! President trump may be being blackmailed, who knows, and I’ll bet his son-in-law has his mouth open in more things than he should be allowed a voice in!!! Look at his father, a criminal, like father, like son!!! But President Trump is a Gemini and the Gemini males I know don’t listen to reason, especially when they get it into their heads that they are right and everyone else is either wrong or don’t know what their talking about!!!!!!!

  16. So I was out doing yard stuff and this popped into my head; Shouldn’t it strike us all odd, that for the first time in 17 years both sides of the aisle and most of the world are agreeable to this Unconstitutional Act of war? Our common ground is violence?

    As a result of this act, Trump’s cabinet is being redistributed by mostly Globalist Progressives. On top of that they are moving battle groups into the Korean region. It’s show time!

  17. I’m sure Trump was forced into this. Too sudden a change. probably threatened maybe his family or these people are so evil. Obvious false flag.

  18. Two words came to my mind when I read about the Trump attack on Syria the day it happened: “Hope dies.”

    I was one of the many who had worked really hard online when Obama tried to use a similar false flag to attack Syria. That resulted in the rather amusing call by Obama to “license” news reporters! He wanted to cull the public and the bloggers who were spreading the truth.

    In fact, I think that episode resulted in the official designation of the mainstream as “fake news media”. Ironic, then, that Trump himself uses the “fake news media” epithet in his tweets at Twitter.

    When hope dies, what can be done to revive it?

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