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L.A. Times Interviews Oath Keepers Founder and President, Stewart Rhodes

Paige St. John, from the LA Times, interviews Stewart Rhodes; wonders why Trump supporters have come with body armor. Who are the aggressors when the Antifa clash with Free Speechers?

Typical twisting of the truth by left-wing media.

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Shorty Dawkins

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  1. I actually thought it was a pretty good interview, and Stewart did an excellent job of explaining Oath Keepers role at this and similar venues. The audio in the first minute or so was hard to understand, and I never did hear the reporter ask the question about body armor.

    Does anyone have a feel for how serious the Antifa radicals are about bringing guns to future events? Doesn’t seem to me that that would end well.

  2. Too bad she did not talk about how Antifa is funded by George Soros other words they are paid leftists mercenaries to shutdown free speech and intimidate Americans from practicing their God given rights. As usual Mr. Rhodes handled himself extremely well.

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