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Judge Openly LAUGHS At Defendants Rights – Bunkerville Trial

By Shari Dovale

Judge Gloria Navarro made a mockery of the judicial system today.

The first Bunkerville trial is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The prosecution has had over five weeks to present their case. Now that the defense is ready to put on their case, Judge Gloria Navarro has shut them down.

Out of the entire witness list, there is one witness, other than the defendants, that she will allow to testify. Garrett Frenner was a witness to the slaughter of the Bundy cattle. However, Judge Navarro will not allow him to testify to those events. The prosecutors and the FBI spent a couple of hours harassing this man, threatening him with prosecution if he dared to testify. She has made it clear that he can ONLY testify to which of the defendants he saw with guns.

Every witness that the defense tried to proffer today was questioned by the Judge. She stressed to each one of them that she was ready to have them removed from the courtroom in handcuffs, if she thinks they are committing perjury.

Judge Navarro then backed up the prosecution when they threatened witnesses by naming them as “UNindicted Co-conspirators”. Navarro allowed this bullying, and took part in it herself.

After the intimidation of their witness, the defense believes he has been compromised and stated they are unsure of calling him as a witness. This made Eric Parker so distraught and upset that they have no witnesses for their defense that he broke down and cried in the courtroom. This, of course, made his wife and supporters cry as well.

Judge Navarro showed no sympathy. Reports are that she actually laughed out loud at their distress. The prosecutors also laughed and joked at the defense. She continued to reiterate that they have no rights as defendants.

Navarro also stated in the courtroom that no one is guaranteed their first amendment rights or their second amendment rights. Additionally, she told everyone that there is Never a time when anyone is allowed to defend themselves against a Law Enforcement Officer, even if they caught him breaking into their home. If he even sees a gun near them, they are guilty of assaulting him.

The defense had plans to call numerous witnesses, including Carole Bundy, Shawna Cox, Michele Fiore and more. Judge Navarro refused to allow them to testify because she feels their testimony might risk her jury to nullify.

Jury Nullification is her worst fear. She continues to tell the defense that she will not allow them to put on any defense that might sway her jury to nullify. This includes any information of why these men came to Bunkerville, the abuses of the BLM agents, and more.

Judge Navarro is quoted as saying, “The risk of jury nullification… for the jurors to hear about different defense witnesses, that can’t happen!” Navarro mentioned this at least three times during the day.

When the defense team attempted to object, she shut them down again, saying “Don’t bother to object.” as she intendeds to side with the prosecution each time.

And she carried through with this threat, not allowing the defense any leeway at all.

Dan Love was the Special Agent in Charge of the operation in Bunkerville, and his testimony was the main evidence in front of the Grand Jury. However, because he is under investigation for abuses, Judge Navarro has ruled his testimony is irrelevant and will not allow him to be called to testify.

Eric Parker has now decided that he has no choice but to testify. He may very well be the only witness in the defense case. This case could end up in the jury’s hands as early as tomorrow.

The heavy-handed judge has ruled these men do not deserve the right to defend themselves.


Bundy Ladies:

Judge Openly LAUGHS At Defendants Rights - Bunkerville Trial


John Lamb and Andrea Parker:

Judge Openly LAUGHS At Defendants Rights - Bunkerville Trial

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  1. “… if she thinks they are committing perjury”

    The person committing Perjury is “Judge” Navarro. If she is not committing treason – since the might of the government is behind her and who she is using to threaten with, I cannot see that it does not qualify as such, she is committing Perjury, and at least one other felony, and since the US Constitution IS Law (yeah, real Law) other crimes.

    “Judge Navarro is quoted as saying, “The risk of jury nullification… for the jurors to hear about different defense witnesses, that can’t happen!” Navarro mentioned this at least three times during the day.”

    So where is this Lawful? Anyone?

  2. There should be total civil disobedience INSIDE the court room….to bring attention to this corrupt Judge and prosecutors….it is done every where else in this country , time to start INSIDE the ‘belly of the beast’….the judicial system….imho

  3. I cannot believe there has been no action taken. If it weren’t for John lamb and Andrea parker nobody would know about this. Sworn to uphold the constitution yet the 1st and 2nd amendments aren’t to be spoken of. it’s unreal that this is happening in America.

    1. Now, it’s even worse. I just posted another article about today. I’m not aware of any mainstream coverage of this trial. I’m doing my best to get this information out there.

      1. Why not do as President Trump has done in the past! Hold a press conference or rally stating it is for something else, then hitting them instead with the one sided federal abuse of this court case and the plight of these people for a just and fair trial. Once the press or others are there they have to report on something.

      2. From what I am reading, it seem plain that this judge is prejudicial to the defendant already. Her mind has already been made up, probably for her. She is blatantly running a kangaroo court and a motion for a change of judge should be made. Furthermore, complaints against her should be filed with the judiciary right away. Of course this is just my humble opinion, just as my opinion of her is lower than the soles of my shoes. If she wasn’t such a…we’ll never mind…she would want to get all the facts on record so that the jury could make an honest decision. She should recuse herself, and go back to law school. She has put a stain on the reputation of the law school from which she got her education in law. I am sure she will be remembered as such a disgrace to the profession.

  4. I have emailed everyone I can think of in the government and sent links to all my friends and family to do the same. I pray that the jury sees what is going on and finds them not guilty. I wouldn’t count on anyone in the government stepping up and doing anything about this. It is up to us as patriots to make noise and make them do something

  5. “Jury Nullification is her worst fear.” <—-Wrong, wrong, WRONG!

    Her "worst fear," and the same "worst fear" of the progressives is This Constitutional Movement spreading without any fear from Constitutionalists of their own loss of Life or Limb.

  6. I too have made phone calls, sent emails and posted to FB pages. Please call House Judituary Committee.
    I just got off the phone with them. They are aware of what Judge Navarro is up to and I was told they are receiving calls from other constituents. 3 minutes of your day well spent folks!

  7. This courtroom will require a very large and very loud crowd shouting the chant of jury Nullification. i bet the O.K. COULD organize something loud enough to penetrate the walls of her court, especially if organized with other groups, effectively slapping her in the face, as well as holding up signs asking where is the defense witnesses? where is the right to self represent? and DISBAR NAVARRO!!

    ontop of this, a large group will prevent the boys in blue in violation of their oath from saying “1st amendment zone is over there”

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