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CALL TO ACTION: ALERT! – Help Defend Freedom of Assembly and Free Speech in Harrisburg on April 29th! (Updated 04/30/2017)

Join us for an evening defending peaceful assembly and free speech!

Lets’ make sure the people have a safe environment to exercise their rights and make sure the bad guys fail in their effort to disrupt this event.

All patriots welcome!

Please forward this to your like-minded friends!


President Donald Trump will be in Harrisburg Saturday April 29th to mark his 100th day in office, hosting an event in the New Holland Arena at the Farm Show & Expo Center. Several organizations, including Antifa, are organizing anti-Trump rallies and marches to coincide with his appearance.

One of the anti-Trump events will begin around 5 p.m. near the softball field in front of the Dept. of Agriculture building on Cameron Street. In an email, organizers said that gathering will then be followed by a march beginning at 6 p.m. at the intersection of 7th and Forster. The march will proceed north on 7th Street toward the Farm Show.

A collective of regional Antifa organizations has asked its members to begin assembling on the intersection of Peffer St and Wallace St, behind the park. They anticipate that sufficient members will congregate from Antifa organizations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey to form a march by 8:30PM. They have asked their members to “show up prepared to physically defend the march, wear black and cover your faces”.  They have also requested that street medics to show up prepared to provide medical treatment.

Several other organizations, including Refuse Fascism, are planning to protest the event. The total number of protesters is expected to be at least 300.

CALL TO ACTION:  ALERT! - Help Defend Freedom of Assembly and Free Speech in Harrisburg on April 29th! (Updated 04/30/2017)

Oath Keepers has information regarding a plan by members of one of these Antifa organizations to infiltrate the Free Speech area on the West lawn of the Expo Center. We also have information that they are aware of Oath Keepers plans to attend the event with hopes of infiltrating our ranks. The intent of the planned infiltration is not clear, however it does appear that dispersion of free speech participants using fireworks and smoke canisters is a possibility.

Please help support our efforts to protect everyone’s free speech rights.

If you can’t join us, please donate to help defray the travel costs those who can.

UPDATE 04/30/2017

As expected roughly 300 anti-Trump protesters (and a handful of pro-Trump counter protesters) assembled at 5PM for a rally and then commenced their march to the Farm Show & Expo Center arriving prior to the beginning of the formal rally event:

As expected, members of Refuse Fascism and various regional Antifa organizations assembled at 8:30PM in the designated Free Speech Area and commenced their protest. These groups were closely monitored and controlled by the Pennsylvania State Police:

The Pennsylvania State Police did an exceptional job and to our knowledge there was no violence perpetrated at the event. We are awaiting the final report from our ground team and will post an update when it is received.



Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. Let one thing be very clear. And it is simple and pure. Our elders have warned us about this. It is natural and we are here. Simply put — we are here. There may be no room for arbitration. Next time you look at an “American” child you must put their future ahead of your present circumstance. The premise shall not be lost. You must stay accurate and do not let your mind wander. Stay on topic — stand firm and stay with the premise.

  2. Fact 1: All laws related to FREE speech must be enforced. Every violation must be followed by an arrest, whether it is a civil crime…or a Federal crime including Federal charges. Every violation must involve an arrest….and if law enforcement is not up to the task, THEY MUST BE FIRED.

    If any person violates the rules of his job…He/ she will be fired. Laws in a public place being broken can or may result in injury or death, Can law enforcement be allowed to ignore these violations?

  3. Tell me when and where to meet up with the rest of the Oathkeepers group. I am a patriot ready to defend our freedom from those Antifa snowflakes.

  4. It is illegal for protestors to show up masked, I would suggest having the Oathkeepers act as the sheriffs posse (legally of course) to be ready to arrest these subversives if they show up in disguise. I believe that we can be deputized for a specific time fram if I remember correctly.

    1. I’m sure the founders would have totally agreed with laws that regulate what one wear on one’s face.

  5. Stewart-
    I was VERY impressed w/your interviewing skills in the videos. You took the initiative away from the interviewers, succinctly made your points & kept the conversation going by being conversational, not attempting to intimidate. That would have brought on a negative or antagonistic posture.
    Another thing was your pointing out (more than one time) the commie influence in these antifa & blm events. This was great! It avoided media being able to spin you as antagonistic, whereby they would ‘spin’ your stance/persona as a counterpoint whereby they would offer a left leaning solution!

  6. Looks like bad INTEL ( or intentional misleading ) – didn’t see any antifa ( ie Anti First Amendment ) at the Harrisburg rally yesterday. Also, the cops seemed to keep everything under control.
    Harrisburg is not Berkeley — we voted for TRUMP and carry !!!

      1. As you know NJ, we (Myself, Matt, Bret, Jason and about half a dozen Oath Keepers) were on hand to watch over a thousand people turn out to help a local cop whose wife is battling cancer. I can’t begin to tell you how many blues came up to thank us for being there for them. I think the rank and file of our LEO’s are figuring all this out!

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