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Frank Gaffney: ‘If Assad Must Go, What Do We Want There Next?’

Frank Gaffney: ‘If Assad Must Go, What Do We Want There Next?’

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by John Hayward

Frank Gaffney, Center for Security Policy president, joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss Gaffney’s warning that things can get worse in Syria.

“The Syria situation is one that is fraught with peril, as I see it, for the United States at this particular moment in time,” Gaffney explained. “Because President Trump seems sorely tempted – and I think that tempting is not simply a function of the usual suspects, people who have been horrified by the humanitarian crisis there, the people there who think that it will be resolved, or at least diminished, by bringing Heaven knows how many refugees from Syria here and the like – but now from his own national security team that we must get involved, we must inject ourselves into the crisis in Syria.”

“I think that’s folly,” he said. “It’s not because I’m indifferent to the suffering of the people there. It’s that I don’t see a good solution for, frankly, either the people of Syria or their neighbors or for us by making America part of this civil war.”

Gaffney said his specific concern is that “the idea that Assad is Hitler or something akin to him and must go, and Russia must help with that, raises, inevitably, the question: so what do we want there next?”

“The choices, unfortunately, seem to be more of the same. At best, it’s an Assad-Lite, supported by the Russians, supported presumably by the Iranians, supported by Hezbollah. Or, alternatively, it’s sharia supremacists of the Sunni stripe supported by the Saudis, supported by the Turks, supported by perhaps al-Qaeda or the Islamic State, or simply the Muslim Brotherhood. All very bad choices, in my judgment,” he said.

Gaffney noted Russia has some concrete interests in Syria, including a warm-water port in the Mediterranean.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. In order to understand the Syria debacle, (as well as numerous previous fiascos), you have to understand why certain people want to control not only Syria, but the entire Middle East.
    To do this, start by looking up Genie Energy Ltd., Newark, NJ.
    If you have never heard of Genie Energy, don’t feel too bad, because very few people have. That is on purpose.
    However, You will learn that Dick Cheney is on Genie Energy’s board of directors, along with a British national named Lord Jacob Rothschild, as well as Rupert Murdoch (media mogul and chairman of News Corp), James Woolsey (former CIA director), Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, an ex-ambassador to the United Nations and United States Energy Secretary, and Lawrence Henry, “Larry” Summers, (the corrupt former United States Secretary of the Treasury (1999–2001), under Bush Jr.), who was directly involved in the rape of Russia back in the 90’s, along with some friends of his from Harvard University. {Some of the Harvard people went to jail over it. Summers went into government instead.}
    Genie Energy, has a daughter oil company in Israel, “Afek Oil and Gas”. A couple of years ago, they announced on Israeli TV that they had discovered what is likely one of the largest oil reserves in the world right under the Golan Heights. The October 2015 announcement of the potential oil reserves in the southern Golan Heights often heralded that this discovery would make Israel self sufficient in oil for many years to come. As of 2015, Israel consumes 270,000 barrels of oil per day.
    Now in case you didn’t know, legally, the Golan Heights still belongs to Syria, although the Israelis have been occupying the area for years. Making it an “Occupied Territory”.
    The Israeli side of Genie Energy is already drilling in the Golan Heights, and drilling violates international law as Golan Heights is an occupied territory, therefore Netanyahu has ask Trump to recognise Israel’s de-facto right to the Golan Heights. Carving up Syria already?

    Is it starting to make some sense to you now? It’s always about Gold, Oil, or Drugs. These are the things that rich and powerful people really care about . In fact, they consider it an inside joke that when they profess to love God, what they are really saying is that they love G., O., D. Which stands for Gold, Oil, and Drugs. All which they seek to have total control of, in order to make & maintain their wealth and power.

    Consider this:
    When did it become imminent that Saddam had to go? Right after he declared that he was going to stop selling oil for U.S. Dollars. BOOM!
    When did it become imminent that Muammar Gaddafi had to go? Right after he declared that he was going to stop selling oil for U.S. Dollars. BOOM!
    When did we start hearing about how bad Iran was, again? Right after they declared that they were going to stop selling oil for U.S. Dollars. BOOM!
    In 2013 Assad banned the use of US Dollars, BOOM!
    Are you seeing a pattern?
    Now look at what Russia and China are currently doing. Making agreements between themselves to stop using the U S Dollar in favor of gold.
    It is interesting to note that any country that defies the wishes of these powerful people, is soon bombed into being a failed state. Unless of course the country in question happens to have Nuclear Weapons. (No wonder Iran wants Nukes.) Russia and China do have nukes, so the situation has to be handled more delicately.

    So, with Obama not getting the job done, the swamp had to be cleared of the tired old alligators, in order to make room for the “fresh and ready for the challenge” crocodiles.

    Those of you that know me already knew my opinion of “The Donald” back before the election, and as you might be able to tell, that opinion hasn’t changed. He is an actor, {he even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.), (a bit smashed up at the present time, but hey}, who was given his lines, and delivered them well. All they had to do was convince the American public that he was NOT Hillary Clinton and that he represented change. Which is what is really desired and needed.
    Now we have Goldman Sachs bankers running the financial side and retired generals running the military side of things. All “The Donald” has to do is keep delivering those lines, and maybe throw us a bone once in a while. Or at least make it appear like it’s something for us.

    Obamacare IS NOT going to be repealed. A Republican version that more favors the insurance companies is what we will be given. Once government stooges get control of ANYTHING, they will never willingly relinquish that control back to the people.
    Watch out for the school vouchers also, if you take the feds money, you will be TOLD what to teach. Even at home.
    Anyone else wonder why Betsy Davos was put into position as Education Secretary when she obviously favors “Common Core”? I did. Until I did some homework, and learned who her brother is. Eric Prince.
    Yep, that Eric Prince, of “Blackwater” fame. I’ll bet you didn’t know that he is one of Trump’s (Secret) advisors. Did you know that he is currently working for the Chinese government developing some super secret weapons system? Looks like the China situation is going to be real tricky. Furthermore, if you consider that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump have a common friend and advisor, Henry Kissinger, then we can also see that the Russian situation is going to be just as complicated as the China one.
    I’m afraid this rabbit hole is only going to get deeper.
    “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. “Oh what a tangled web we weave.”


      1. You are quite welcome Cal. However, it is I who should be thanking you.
        Many times I have started to comment on an article, only to find that you have once again beaten me to the punch. Furthermore, you do a better job of it than I do most of the time.
        Also, I’m not a typist, so you have saved me countless hours of hunting and pecking. (It’s not really that bad, I can type, S L O W L Y.)
        Your knowledge of our constitution is always spot on, and I for one greatly appreciate your efforts in keeping us all informed as to the reality of the situation at hand.
        So, THANK YOU CAL. For all you do. Please don’t let up……….ANY.

  2. FFS…

    NYT: US should partner with “territorial ISIS” to overthrow Assad

    Trump should want to defeat ISIS in Iraq. But in Syria? Not for free, not now. In Syria, Trump should let ISIS be Assad’s, Iran’s, Hezbollah’s and Russia’s headache — the same way we encouraged the mujahedeen fighters to bleed Russia in Afghanistan.

    Yes, in the long run we want to crush ISIS everywhere, but the only way to crush ISIS and keep it crushed on the ground is if we have moderate Sunnis in Syria and Iraq able and willing to replace it. And those will only emerge if there are real power-sharing deals in Syria and Iraq — and that will only happen if Assad, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah feel pressured to share power.


    Everything you need to know about ISIS – Al Qaeda – Al Nusra and Free Syrian Army

    Anyhow. Watch the Sunni/Wahhabi Arab Coalition, Turkey… and Damascus. Then on to Iran.

    Dumb Israeli’s. Then watch their “friends” turn on them.

  3. If Eric Prince is working with a foreign government to develop a weapon that could potentially be used against us, that seams atleast unethical. I guess in my eyes that makes him an enemy of the state guilty of treason.

    1. @Nick Name,How many of the above names mentioned in this artical wouldn’t be thought of as enemies of the state? My gosh to be a romping youngster again would be great. To think that none of those that are supposed to be taking the lead in this country to be making it a better place for we the people are just taking us the people to the cleaners,and eventually to our enslavement and our demise.

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