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Federal Judge Gloria Navarro Has Appointed Herself Ruling Queen Of Her Las Vegas Territory





  1. The Disease of Liberalism
    Liberalism is a disease of the mind that eventually and incrementally destroys the soul in much the same way that Lou Gehrig’s Disease destroys the body. Many, if not most of us are born with it and live with it as carriers through our childhood, adolescence and early adulthood without realizing because it hides, thrives, and feeds on our wants and desires…ulasntil we attain the age of discernment, and the antidote of wisdom. Hence the Churchill Axiom, “If you aren’t a Liberal at Twenty, you have no heart. If you’re not a Conservative at forty, you have no brain.” But there are those, and I saw them pleading for “Sanctuary City” in Philipstown the other night (might just as well have been Las Vegas), who progress into stage 3 and 4 without discernment, depraved of wisdom, overcome by guilt and self-loathing, where the soul is literally cannibalized by the personality disorder consequence of living a lie.

    1. Chip, as Rush Limbaugh notes, being a Liberal is easy, a gutless choice that requires no more than emoting about an issue, which in turn makes the Liberal feel good about himself. One of the main reasons we still have Liberals is because there is no significant negative consequence for being a Liberal. They never put their life on the line for what they believe, and they use other peoples’ money to fund their nonsense. I think all that is about to change.

      1. This Queen of Hearts is like any other liberal. Liberals enslave their intelligence to rationalize satisfying their baser instincts instead of the other way around. God or nature gave us this intelligence to rise above/self-control/self-discipline our bestial side. It’s a struggle. A liberal is a coward that gives up and gives in.

  2. Can POTUS remove her from the bench and or impeach her if all of the above statements are true?
    Have steps been taken to even consider removing her, does Trump know about her grievous violations of the Constitution? The only thing left is jury nullification?

    1. Thank God ‘No’; POTUS can’t but I think there is an internal process by which the chief justice can take corrective action including terminating a judge.

  3. We refuse to cross the line in the sand we set. The line is our oath, yet we only blather words. Eventually, inevitably we lose.

  4. The problem with that strategy (filing appeals) is it declares the issues they bring up later were not considered or considered important at the time. Quite often the appellate court will actually rule that since the issues were not brought up at trial, the appellate court does not have the jurisdictional ability to review what was not objected to in the trial court. The first time the judge denied these motions, the remedy is already there with writs of certiorrari and mandamus. The added benefit is these extraordinary writs stop all proceedings until the other court rules on the particular issue which, in short, stops the momentum gathered by the judge and the prosecution working in concert.

    I certainly hope Bundy’s lawyers are doing this. If not… I would say the Bundy’s lawyers were paid off and putting on a half arsed show!

  5. Type in your search-bar “Federal Ownership Of Nevada Map”. Then go to images.

    According to the feds, everything red is federal property. Which they take to mean: To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever and to exercise like Authority. And, The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States. The white strip you see west to east, and the white dotted area’s, are the Article 4 Section 4, and 10th Amendment, actual State of Nevada.

    The people and the legislature of Occupied Nevada can put an end to this. But they won’t. Because they refuse to.

    1. “The people and the legislature of Occupied Nevada can put an end to this. But they won’t. Because they refuse to.” Oh not true!! We have a group that is making much Progress to get our land back but mostly our state resources back. Please keep in mind that it is the LEGISLATURE that refuses to do this, NOT the people!! /;-D

  6. I do not write these words lightly and I admit I may be very wrong in my thinking. Yet, I do ponder the possibility that the only way to save the USA MAY be via a military coup by a patriotic cabal of military officers with an ensuing military “dictatorship” based upon the Constitution. Once the needed changes are made in the various defective USA systems a return to civilian government control will occur.

    I fear that the embedded systems of all types within the USA are so corrupted that existing systems of change are controlled by a tyrannical few and that nothing of substance can be altered. Far better minds than mine are needed to determine if there is any validity to my belief.

    1. I, too see the spectre of civil war on the horizon. It is important to know who the true enemy is however, follow the money and the noise and disable those two factions first.

  7. How about the local Sheriff calling a Grand jury investigation into this matter starting with possible conspiracy between judge and prosecutors and BLM??? .For a start,then what other oath breaking unconstitutional acts that may have taken place in this courtroom.Something real fishy going on here. oh and don’t forget about the UN and the agenda 21 connection…

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