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Exposing the hidden structures behind an Antifa riot

STOP / RESET   Published on Apr 20, 2017

Sources listed on YouTube post.

H/T to a vigilant NY Oath Keeper.

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  1. We’ve got a group of 8 in our community (4-Conservative 4-Liberal) who have come together to form MOM (Meeting Of the Minds) to find a healthier way to dialogue, and common ground. I sent the video posted above to my Liberal counterpart this morning, along with this pledge for everyone to sign at our next meeting this week:
    I ______________ do hereby pledge, on my honor, to condemn in the strongest terms possible, the use of physical intimidation and violence as a means to silence OUR 1st Amendment Right to OUR cherished freedom of speech and expression. And further; as intimidation and violence are antithetical to the “healthy dialogue” mission and “common ground” objective of MOM, I reject any and all groups and organizations who employ, support, and/or advocate such actions as a means to their objectives.
    Date __________

    I’ll keep you posted…

  2. Although this video just scratches the surface, it gives a look into how deeply imbedded in our government, corporations and institutions the anarchists, globalists, new world order crazies, islamists, progressives, communists, socialists, etc… , like a parasite, they are diseased and have infected the host leading to the death of both.

  3. When you confront these babies head on , they cry like babies , when you take the masks off their faces , they again cry like babies , when you break a arm or a leg they scream even more . Some of the ones say , we will be paid by organizers if we creat a lot of trouble , but we would never be hurt. We. Asked who attended Berkley ,not one of the ones we interviewed , when to to the School . They are just contacted over the Internet and told when to come and what to wear , so this way they get paid to disrupt .

  4. We are reaching critical mass and there is a team of concerned citizens working on some very serious political issues in California. Please understand that there are no racist motivations here. We get accused of that constantly, but it is a smear and a false accusation. We also understand the principles that this country was founded on, and that the US Constitution is our most important document, and that it MUST be upheld and defended against all enemies, foreign and domestic, especially by those who have taken a solemn sworn oath to do so. We categorically support the right to peaceful protest. Unfortunately, in California, we have seen an outbreak of a violent micro-minority of radical leftist agitators, who have chosen to be extremely violent when they protest. They attack and assault anyone who disagrees with their beliefs. We have also seen the outbreak of oathbreakers, …. elected and appointed officials (including members of law enforcement), who have been standing down and have not arrested these violent leftist agitators, but have instead allowed them to run amok in the streets. This has only emboldened their behavior and made them more violent. This is totally unacceptable in The United States of America, and the concerned citizens of the State of California have decided it is time to restore our rights under The US Constitution. We have the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech. We have the right to free and fair elections at all levels of government. There is an effort in play by these violent leftist / anarchist agitators to deny some of us our rights, and they seem to be enjoying some level of protection by various agencies and authorities. This will not be allowed to stand, and it will not be decided by a civil war in the streets, with the police as spectators. It will be decided by law and order and in the courts, and those who have or continue to break the law will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The (D) Majority in Sacramento has grossly overstepped its authority in their efforts to retain and gain power in California and in the process they have made some very serious and illegal encroachments on the rights of the law-abiding citizens here. In addition to the civil rights violations and human rights violations made by violent leftist protesters known as “the antifa” against pro-Trump supporters and conservative speakers and their would-be audiences on several different occasions at UC Berkeley, on each of those occasions the UC police were standing down and not arresting the violent leftist agitators. In addition to this, City / County / Law Enforcement officials around the state have on several occasions cancelled pro-Trump rallys using the excuse of “public safety concerns”, effectively bowing to mob veto whenever the antifa threatened to show up. The only potential “threat” they present would be eliminated immediately if the police would just do their jobs and arrest these domestic terrorists. There is no longer any need to wait until they become violent to make the arrests, either. They have established a track record of masking their identities (they should not be allowed to do this), and becoming violent at every single event they attend. Normally, a repeat pattern of violence displayed by an organized group of thugs like this would cause them to be barred from entry at public events. One can only conclude that there may be a coordinated state-sponsored effort by the (D) Majority and some law enforcement agencies to deny the 1A rights of a targeted subset of the population, which includes the entirety of their political opponents. This is more than unethical, it is illegal. There are multiple documented occurances, so it is not a fluke. An investigation and lawsuits are in process or pending. We will also ask for a Federal investigation into systemic State-sponsored voter fraud in CA, after Kevin De Leon’s admission that “everyone knows” that illegal aliens can get fake citizenship docs at MacArthur Park in his own district. (?!?!) Presumably (as of the date of his announcement) he had done nothing to shut this counterfeiting operation down, which means that he was providing a public service announcement to illegal aliens on where to obtain fake citizenship docs, from the floor of the chamber, during work hours. All we need to do is confirm that any illegal alien on any form of public assistance has cast a vote for a Democrat (particularly for De Leon), and I think we have a criminal conviction, hopefully resulting in prison time, for De Leon and all corrupt election-rigging politicians involved. We need to go on offense and clean house in Sacramento. We’re REALLY tired of not having a vote or a voice in our own “democracy”, because of a protected group of leftist / anarchist thugs running wild in the streets, combined with a corrupt quid pro quo system of entitlements and fake citizenship for a “sanctuary state” full of illegals, in exchange for their illegal vote for the (D) majority, which keeps them in power illegally, and denies us our right to free and fair elections. This isn’t an alt-right / fake news conspiracy, folks, not anymore. The liberal mainstream media and Hillary supporters all mocked Trump when he said illegal votes had been cast in the election. We expect to find evidence to prove that it actually did happen, that it falsely inflated Hillary’s popular vote count, and we suspect that it is actually an EPIDEMIC in California. By Kevin Dr Leon’s own admission, “half of his family” are illegal aliens with fake citizenship docs. He just sponsored a bill, which passed, sheltering them from deportation. Isn’t that a BLATANT conflict of interest, all by itself? Are any of these family members voting by posing as citizens using their fake docs? Who are THEY casting illegal votes for? Do any of them hold State / County / City jobs? Are any of them on any form of public assistance? Wouldn’t any one of those scenarios also be a conflict of interest? Sorry Jerry, Gavin, Kevin, Xavier, …. You can’t build a permanent (D) super-majority in CA using an ever-increasing number of illegal votes made by illegal immigrants using illegal fake citizenship documents. We still have a vote, and WE VOTE NO to all of that. Mr. De Leon should’ve been arrested the same day he made that confession on camera. Our State AG and his entire chain of command has A LOT to answer for with respect to their record on public safety regarding the assaults and property damage committed by the antifa while the police just stood by and watched. I think the FBI may already be investigating. What the HECK is going on here? We’re about ready to find out.

    1. Go for it!! And good luck to you and all your rational American citizens. Stand together & vote those scoundrels out of office’ from your governor to your congress people!!

    2. Hi there my name is Brian Baxter I am the president of the Soldiers of Odin fraservalley and interm president of vancouver SOO . I have a member who is a contractor in the sand box and he was US airborne. He has asked if we could have a sit down in Abbotsford BC and talk about our mutual problem… Our open borders! If you could email me that would be appreciated , thank you
      Brian Baxter

  5. Very Good job. Great INTEL collection.
    But, isn’t this the job that the FBI is supposed to be doing ?
    How does a self described TERRORIST get to keep her job as a teacher ?
    TERRORIST = one who uses violence or the threat of violence to achieve a political goal.
    Where is DHS ??

    1. The FBI isn’t doing their jobs where domestic insurgencies like Antifa are concerned. The FBI needs a rebuild, thanks to 8 years of Obama filling the leadership positions with lackeys.

  6. Antifa is the American Incarnation of the Khmer Rouge, They are Pol Pot’s children, the
    Ameri-Rouge . They dress like both the Khmer Rouge and ISIS. They are the spoiled privileged children of the rich liberal elites. They want to create killing fields in America if they are not suppresed.

  7. The “video is unavailable” ? What, did YouTube censor it, or what ? What is with these snowflakes ? We need to go to another platform from now on. BOYCOTT YOU SUCK TUBE !!!!!!!!!!

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