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Every American Should Care About the Case Against Cliven Bundy

By Paula Hart

Here is why every American citizen should care about the Federal case against Cliven Bundy, et al.  Whether you believe it or not, this case DOES affect you.

The government wants you to believe that this whole case is about Cliven refusing to pay his grazing fees. It wants you to believe that the Bundy’s are anti-government . It wants you to believe that they are a bunch of crazies that keep picking fights with the Government for no reason. It now wants you to believe that they are domestic terrorists simply because they had the courage to stand up to the Government.

What the Government does NOT want you to know is that EVERYTHING the Bundy’s have done is protected by the Constitution. They broke NO Constitutional Laws.

The Bundy’s believe that the Constitution always has been the Supreme Law of the Land, which it is, no matter what the Government tries to tell us now. The Bundy’s do believe in the need of a Federal Government, but the kind that our Founding Father’s established; a LIMITED government of the People, by the People, and for the People. Not the government we have today, where the People have no rights and no say.

The government does NOT want you to know that Cliven paid his grazing fees for years, until one day the government changed the contracts, effectively putting his livelihood in grave danger. Cliven tried to negotiate the terms but the government refused.

It doesn’t want you to know that Cliven was not allowed to pay his fees until AFTER he agreed to the new contract, which he didn’t agree with. Still, they refused to negotiate the terms in order to come to some type of compromise so that he could pay them.

THAT is when Cliven refused to sign the papers and made his payments to his County instead. Cliven tried, after being screwed over by the government, to still do the right thing.

This is what led to the incident in 2014 in Nevada.

When they saw the very same tactics being used against another family in Oregon, they stood up for that family and came to their aid. That is what the incident in 2015 in Oregon was about.

The government does NOT want you to know that, for years, it has been doing the same thing to landowners all across the west. The Bundy’s tried to open the Nation’s eyes as to what was going on behind the scenes. The Bundy’s tried for decades to go through the proper channels, to work things out with our elected officials, but got no response at all.

So, this case is not so much about land and grazing rights and unpaid grazing fees as it is about a government that has gone completely rogue.

Every American Should Care About the Case Against Cliven Bundy

What it means for YOU

If these men are found guilty, here is what it means for YOU, personally. Here is what’s REALLY on trial…..

The US Constitution- the very one the judges take an oath to uphold and defend, the one that protects We the People- will no longer be allowed in a court of law. Not even mentioned in a court of law. Let that sink in. We will have NOTHING to protect us from our corrupt government!! Nothing.

No more First Amendment rights. No more protesting or disagreeing with the Government or any of its agencies or employees. . If you and one other person says something the government doesn’t like or agree with, you can be charged with conspiracy and sent to prison.

Any comment or “like” on Facebook or other social media platforms can and will be used against you. Media (network or independent) who covers a story that the government does not want covered, will be arrested and sent to prison. If the government wants something you have, you no longer have any right to tell it no or you will be sent to prison.

Your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms is all but gone. If you are legally and lawfully carrying a weapon and a member of law enforcement is nearby, you will be charged with threatening an officer. Let’s face it, since we now live in a police state, there is law enforcement everywhere.

You will no longer be allowed to defend yourself in court. You will no longer have the right to face your accuser(s).You will no longer be able to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth. If others show up to testify on your behalf, they will be threatened with arrest for speaking up for you.

A government witness who wasn’t even a witness to the crime’s testimony is more valid than that of a “lay” witness that was there to witness it first hand. Basically, if the government decides you’re guilty, you are guilty.

No more right to bail or a speedy trial.

No more being presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

There will be no way to hold our government or any of its agencies accountable for anything.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. The bottom line is, if these men are found guilty, we will no longer have the safety and security that the Constitution gives us. We will no longer be in charge of the government but it will, once and for all, be in charge of us and there will be no turning back.

The Bundy’s, and all who stood with them, have told the truth. They have done everything out in the open. They have been begging for public attention to this case and their grievances. They are doing all they can to uphold our Constitution.

On the other hand, the federal government has lied, repeatedly. They don’t want media coverage and won’t allow cameras in the courtrooms. They won’t respond to any grievances. They are blatantly disregarding the Constitution and want you to believe that if you support it then you are committing a crime!!. And, yet, who’s on trial? Who, really, is fighting FOR us all ,here? Who has YOUR best interests at heart?

Someone said it best (I believe Sandy Anderson III) …”If not now-when? If not us-who? If not this-what?” Out of millions of American citizens, a handful of people had the courage and integrity to stand up. It’s truly heartbreaking to see the majority leaving them to stand alone. To fight for people who can’t be bothered to fight for themselves.

What is it going to take for American’s to wake up and see that we are about to lose everything that matters? When will *YOU* finally stand up and get involved ? What is it going to take to get you to start caring about what’s happening?

Your time is seriously running out to decide which side you’re with: Those fighting FOR your rights or those doing all they can to take them away.

From Redoubt News

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  1. I kept up with the Bundy situation a lot…and the Oregon Standoff…At the Bundy’s, the cowboys and people riding or walking up to get the cattle was so unbelievable….talk about courage…riding up to the “barrier/gate” with the BLM on the other side with their assault rifles..dressed like they were in Iraq, etc…(combat ready)…with their loudspeaker repeating…(something like) disperse..we will shoot. Oathkeepers and Alex Jones (infowars) have excellent videos of all this…Please post (highlight) them on this site so that Americans that are visiting or reading this site, can see what really happened….especially the one where the cowboys and Bundy supporters ride up to that gate…wow….

    So, the following is important….as “knowledge is power”…Dr. Michael Coffman wrote (at , beginning, May 17, 2014 through July 19, 2014 a 6 (six) part article, titled: “The Bundy Standoff -A Century of Abuse” He has done everyone a tremendous service with this article. It is very legally written, has tremendous history, and everyone can do something for the getting this article distributed far and wide, especially in Oregon and Nevada…but other states and places too…Just print out this article,make copies,.and get it to people who have some power; to people who do not have a clue of how some of these federal agencies have treated descent people. Get it to all the lawyers in those western states……anyone you can think of….This is a very in depth article…include the article posted here at Oathkeepers with it; you did and excellent job of showing people everywhere how this affects them too…it will be an eye opener to so many people…(what about Judge Jeannie on Fox News? wouldn’t she be good for getting attention…if she believes in legal justice..right?)

    I suggest you just google the title of his article(s), Dr. Michael Coffman’s name, date, and newswithviews..I am sure it is still at newswithviews,but they changed up their website and I am having trouble finding older articles..probably just me…but google works! There are 6 parts…one part ends with the next part…and so forth..get the first and you are “good to go”..

    The last I knew, Dr Coffman was quite ill…this I believe was his last article at NWV’s.So people just take a little time and print this it…get it in the right hands..(would love copies of the video of the Cowboys facing off with the armed BLM to be widely distributed or resurrected via the internet, facebook…etc.) You get to read the Wayne Hage saga and his sadistic treatment from them and then his court battle with “these” people..It’ this article. people would be shocked .

    1. Just type in the search line Dr. Michael Coffman and the title of the article and Pt. 1. It comes right up /;-D

  2. Same as it ever was Paula…all eyes on NK, missing the trial of our saviors in Vegas, like the trial in the Sanhedrin where they missed their savior, while waiting for a king. People are clueless by design…always have been. Just enough of us waiting for the brush-fire. Same as it ever was…this wonderful article just might be the final straw to help her take.

    1. Dennis Michael Lynch ( journalist) was there in 2014 and i have been leaving comments on his facebook post when he covers every topic under the sun except for this trial, was he threatened as a witnness like the others ?

      1. I’ve discovered that “my gut” always beats me to the answer of questions like yours Lucky…

  3. Oh, it’s worse than all this Paula. Besides the “Constitutional Issues” there are serious implications for “Land Ownership” and “Land Use.” About 5 years ago I started writing a book, but held it up because it started writing itself, via the Obama doctrine. It’s called, “We Won’t Even Recycle Water; The Dire Appetencies of the Avant Guard.” One of the chapters I named was “Control the Land; Control the People.” Can you imagine how it really hit home when Lavoy said exactly that at Malheur?

    This issue, in my opinion, is a thousand times more important than mixing it up with a bunch of Hippies in Berkley. It needs the communities focus to be put squarely on this trial. In fact, I remember the Oathkeepers telling folk in Fergusson or Baltimore that they could arm themselves. The good people of that community told them that the cops will just shoot us. They may or may not have mentioned that the trials were slighted much like this one in LV. They have been living with the scales tipped for a very long time, and may be our best ally to get the word out. Stewart already has in I would imagine……we need to try. The next best option is to put ourselves between the litigants and courts, much the same way our founders did originally between the Colonists and the Crown. The same “Coercive Acts” are in play, so why not?

  4. Do not expect justice in this or similar cases from the Trump administration. The “Great America” the administration touts serves crony-capitalism and the state that supports it. Not the American people. Cliven Bundy, his family, Lavoy Fininicum et al are a fine representation of the America the Trump administration should care about. Unfortunately, that ain’t gonna happen.

    1. Clearly you are not aware that Candidate Trump had a discussion with Carole Bundy and is very concerned about BLM actions!!

  5. I just did a long “remark” again..forgot to put my “identity” and I don’t know where it will go…So, at Greg..You mentioned writing on a book. Look at my remark above…get Dr. Coffman’s articles…In it, he mentions that Wayne Hage wrote a book on all this land stuff…may have been what got him in the crosshairs of “government”. Hoffman gives the title; says many lawyers use it. If you cannot get a copy of the book, contact his daughter Margaret at Range Magazine.She may can help.

    They succeeded in putting Wayne Hage out of business, but he fought them in court..and of course, that takes years…he won posthumously…Derry Brownfield (famous radio personality in Missouri; now deceased) wrote articles for newswithviews. In one, titled, “Our land: collateral for the national debt”…he said…”Wayne Hage is one of the smartest of men that I ever met”…google and get that article too…can’t remember the date.

    I mentioned in my comment above to contact Judge Jeannie..then I looked at Coffman’s article again,and in the 1st part..he has a video where Judge Jeannie is giving it to Harry Reid over the Bundy Ranch ordeal re: the land. So, she is familiar with this. If she would do another one of these on Fox…I think that would reach lots of people…

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