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Democrat Jon Ossoff Doesn’t Live in the District He Is Running For Congress!

Democrat Jon Ossoff Doesn't Live in the District He Is Running For Congress!

Jon Ossoff, the Democrat running for the Georgia 6th District, can’t vote for himself in today’s election, because does NOT reside in the 6th District.

Call me crazy, but isn’t one of the qualifications for running for Congress from any District that one must reside in the District? Jon Ossoff thinks otherwise, apparently. He thinks because he grew up in the District, and intends to return, (once his live-in girlfriend finishes her medical training), that that is good enough. If he wins the election, the House of Representatives should refuse to seat him, as he does not meet the requirements set out in law.

In the following video he attempts to dodge the issue. His admission is proof enough that he does NOT meet the requirements.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. And has anyone sued him and those that registered his ass to be on a ballot? Obviously not. We need a foreigner to run for president…oh…we already did that.

    1. The Constitution is clear – a U.S. House Representative does not need to live in a district where they run or serve.

  2. It he doesn’t live in the district how did he get on the ballot?
    Seems to me that the person or persons that validated his filing should be in jail.

  3. I guess I will have to call you crazy then, as living in a district is not required – and has been ignored on both sides of the aisle. Surely there are worse things?

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