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CFR: Trump Sabotaging Globalist World Order

CFR: Trump Sabotaging Globalist World Order

As the leading voice of the CFR, Foreign Affairs tendsto set the agenda of the globalists. In this article, G. John Ikenberry lays out the plan to paint the anti-globalist movement as being led by Trump and consisting of populists and far-Rightists, who seek to undo the great “U.S.-led liberal order”, AKA the Globalist New World Order. It is their desire to paint a broad swath of anti-globalists in one brush stroke, so that when they create the chaos, they have a ready patsy to blame, rather than pointing the finger at those who actually create the chaos. It is a usual trick they have, and use it regularly. Problem-reaction-solution. – Shorty Dawkins

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by Clifford Cunningham

President Donald Trump is “a hostile revisionist power” at the heart of the free world dedicated to overturn the “U.S.-led liberal order,” according to Foreign Affairs – the mouthpiece of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations.

“The United States and Europe were supposed to stand shoulder to shoulder to protect the gains reaped from 70 years of cooperation. Instead, the world’s most powerful state has begun to sabotage the order of created,” wrote Gilford John Ikenberry, Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton University and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. “A hostile revisionist power has indeed arrived on the scene, but it sits in the Oval Office, the beating heart of the free world.”

President Trump broke “70 years of tradition by signaling the end of U.S. support for the European Union” when he endorsed Brexit and expressed “common cause with right-wing European parties that seek to unravel the postwar European project,” Ikenberry added.

In order for the “liberal international order” to survive, Ikenberry called on its supporters to rally behind globalist leaders like Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to counter rising populist movements.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This, I believe, is a lie.

    Notice that Pence is using the US Military as if he were the US President. This was not Trump. Remember that the authority is delegated to the branches and to certain NAMED in writing offices, NOT to any person. So no person who serves as US President can give away, swell, trade, etc any authority that comes with that office, ONLY the person who becomes the US President has any LAWFUL authority to use them (same with authority/powers assigned to the Senate/House of Reps, same with those judicial powers). Remember that the Oath is to the US Constitution, not to any person or office.

    One should know that VP Pence does NOT have that authority, nor does any general, or those who serve within the CIA unless specifically receiving orders from PRESIDENT Trump.

    So was there already a coup by the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, the CIA, etc? I suspect so. If they had murdered him as they did Kennedy, etc; they are aware that many of us will not stand for it to happen again. This was put out to “settle” everyone’s mind. This was another way to cause confusion, and to take control from within. How do you fight a war that does not look like a “known” type of war?

    Very darn little of what is being done within and by those who serve within our governments is LAWFUL here in the USA. So until a LAWFUL order or directive is received none of those orders can be taken and followed. When those orders are constitutional in nature – orders of ANY type, military, enforcement, civil then follow them. How do you know if they are constitutional? Read the US Constitution. Maybe Dr. Vieira, etc can do a short video class on the Bill of Rights and what it looks like to actually follow them, to enforce the US Constitution, how to recognize unlawful orders?

    “Make Mine Freedom (Public Domain 1948)” (cartoon, but makes the point well.

    So why not just follow any order we get? When we just follow any order in a government in which each person who serves is required to take and KEEP an Oath that makes each person personally responsible for everything they do – orders or not, that is why, it is our RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SO.

    Until we get our legitimate government behaving as it is required to be, which IS in writing, under control so that we the people can tell exactly what is going on as is required of those who SERVE WITHIN our governments – no orders followed.

    A fulll-time Militia at this time to really DEFEND our nation from attack might be a very good idea. At this time, know them or not, we cannot trust any person in any position who is serving within our government to not get us into a nuclear war, into chemical warfare, etc. If you want your nation, if you want to keep things you own, even the clothes you wear, then you need to back up and keep your Oath. If it bothers you not to lose everything, and let the “government” own it all, including you, well, it IS your choice.

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