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ACTORS & GUNS – Oath Keepers Don’t Pretend – by James Jaeger

A friend of mine is a Hollywood actor.  I was talking to him the other day about an action-adventure movie he’s currently appearing in.  During the course of our conversation, I asked if he was uncomfortable about having to use a gun in the movie.

Surprisingly he said, “Hell no, we all have guns.”

By “we,” I was to understand that he was referring to the Hollywood acting community.

So get this: my friend’s a Hollywood actor — in a town full of liberals that promote the hatred of guns and anything Second Amendment — yet “we all have guns.”  All the actors have guns.  Shocked, I asked him to explain further.

He said he gets so many roles that require gun play, he not only has become comfortable with guns, he actually owns many guns himself.  In fact, on occasion he is expected to provide his own gun as a prop when auditioning and performing for low-budget productions.  But even more interesting is what he said next:  “I’m not only a gun owner, I’m a Second Amendment guy AND I pack because I never know when a psycho fan may lunge at me.”

So this is very interesting.  Hollywood — a notoriously liberal and anti-gun political block — has an acting community that not only “keeps and bears” arms, but supports the Second Amendment.

This makes me wonder how many other “actors” there are out there that pack?  And how many other people across America pretend to disdain guns, yet privately depend upon them for personal protection?

Given the politics of the day, Hollywood actors – seemingly armed to the teeth at home — would never advocate Second Amendment principles on the set.  Were they to do so, their anti-gun, politically correct bosses – who ultimately report to the CONTROL GROUP — would surely blacklist them from any future work.

Yes, Hollywood and the Mainstream Media are not only hypocrites, they breed hypocrisy with almost every movie and network news program.  Publicly attacking and suppressing pro 2nd Amendment organizations like OATH KEEPERS, they profiteer from endless GUN MOVIES and require their acting talent to suppress their true feelings about the Second Amendment.

This is why MATRIX ENTERTAINMENT, in association with OATH KEEPERS and CHUCK BALDWIN LIVE, is presenting a documentary series about the predatory, unethical and illegal business practices of Hollywood and the New York Media.  In this documentary we will explore the history of the movie industry and how it came to SUPPORT the 10 rogue orders any good Oath Keeper would DISOBEY.

We will see why the Mainstream Media always gets it wrong, whether misquoting Oath Keepers’ founder, Stewart Rhodes, at a Free Speech rally in Berkeley, California or when failing to respect the Constitutional principles set forth by Thomas Jefferson.

The producers and sponsors of the motion picture documentary series, “MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda,” would like to invite all Oath Keepers to a sneak preview of Part 1 (“Moving Pictures”) of this important 4-part series being released on Flag Day, 14 June 2017.

The sneak preview is below and HERE thru Sunday, April 30. There are also trailers for the film at this link.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]

We need donations to complete this film mission.  Many of you have already graciously donated and you will be able to see your screen credits acknowledging such contributions in the preview.  If everyone reading this donates even $25 to $50 we will be able to not only stay on schedule, but deliver an even higher quality product. 

All donations at and above $100 will receive a screen credit unless you wish to donate anonymously.  If some of you reading this are of means, we still have one “Associate Producer” and two “Executive Producer” screen credits in the MAIN titles of the motion picture available.  Watch the preview and you can see exactly where your screen credit will go.

So here’s your chance to get your name — or the URL of your patriotic organization — on a movie featuring not only Stewart Rhodes, but Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira, G. Edward Griffin, Sheriff Mack and many others.

To donate just go to and contribute what you can.  Let’s send the Media Trolls on the Bridge to Liberty a message they can’t act their way out of — or pretend doesn’t exist.

ACTORS & GUNS - Oath Keepers Don’t Pretend - by James Jaeger





  1. Repeating bad habits equals loss of safe handling, like dry firing over and over may. The same goes for Hollywood and the actors “play acting” that may feed into how they use a gun when needed. Practice that enforces that guns pose no risk (toys, no less) is mishandling in its own right.

  2. There should be thousands of comments here. All expressing an angry but pointed opinion of being manipulated by others that were supposed to have good intentions. “We have been stabbed in the back by not only the actors, but the media” The conglomerates can actually run the world. If, and they probably are, linked tightly to the Federal Reserve and Bank of England then the people of the United States are their slaves. Mind control has never been more evident than the scenarios that were played during the last (2017) election. I am extremely surprised Trump won. And yet the scariest part is the fact that 50% of the country is being mind manipulated and brain washed. Most of those are actually mindless morons following the typical idiotic trend of the day.

    1. The film, “MAINSTREAM” is very important to help get the truth out. The only way it can be finished is for We the People to support it financially. Because of the topic, the usual sources of funds are simply not available. Most Americans don’t know they’re being brainwashed daily by most of the media they depend on for “news” and “entertainment”. This film will be quite an education for them!

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