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After Action Report with Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes and John Karriman

After Action Report with Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes and John KarrimanStewart Rhodes and John Karriman give their After Action Report on the April 27 event at Berkeley.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Kudos to Stewart Rhodes, John Karriman and all of our brother Oath Keepers for stepping up for this event. It sounds like even Berkeley PD stepped up and did their job. My concern is that antifa ratcheted down their presence at the free speech event because they had already accomplished their goals, i.e. prohibiting Ann Coulter from exercising her First Amendment rights of free speech. It is unfortunate that the Republican student group at UC Berkeley backed out of the event, forcing Coulter to do the same. If she had gone ahead with her speech I fear that we would have seen the same chaos we saw with the Milo speech. At this point in time I do not know how UC Berkeley considers themselves a serious institution of higher learning. Free speech is the very essence of higher education and the admin and faculty of UC Berkeley have demonstrated that they will continue to discourage free and open debate on their campus. It is unfortunate that this institution will no longer tolerate any opinions that are contrary to its leftist political ideology. The terrorism that took place at the Milo event and the cancellation of the Coulter event are evidence of this. UC Berkeley should no longer be allowed to receive state and federal funding.

    1. Stewart and the Oathkeepers came through again. When you “shine the light” in a dark place, the roaches (antifa) run for cover. I am a proud member of Oathkeepers here in North Carolina. I just wished I could have been there.

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