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17 Misconceptions About The Effects Of An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

17 Misconceptions About The Effects Of An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)

There are a lot of misconceptions about EMPs. RealitySurvival, in this video, attempts to bring the facts.

From the description:

This video talks about some of the most common misconceptions about what happens in after a high altitude electromagnetic pulse that was the result of a nuclear bomb detonated high up in the atmosphere. It also talks a bit about how to prepare for an EMP and I will be doing a video soon that will show how to build a proper nested faraday cage as well.

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  1. 18 now. More into reality, if one prepares for the effects of a CME, if one understands that, you then are on the correct course of action. I’m more concerned about CME than EMP. I’ve a RFA meter on my desk with an added red line at 2, thats 2amps per cubic meter of “earth air @ 0 elevation weighted by rh, relative humidity, oh my, i need a scientific keyboard to explain without having to type out several pages. F-cage? OH jeeze….this guy needs some training….huge thumbs down.

    1. @Sarge2, I am a dunder head at these things, but I did build a very simple F cage for batteries, radios and two way communications. 1) wrap in towel,2) wrap in at least 6 layers of foil. If this isn’t going to get it , my wife and I are prayed up and in the Lord,s care. In which all of us are there anyways like it or not.I believe that we are at the end of this age and He has it all in His hands anyway. How can any one believe as fast as things are coming down now that this is not the end of the age? Man kind has never in my life time been so befuddled as it is now. with enough mad men to destroy the human race many times over with one or two pressing the wrong buttons.

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