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Wild Medicinal: Yarrow

Wild Medicinal: Yarrow

Here are two videos about yarrow. Yarrow is an amazing plant. It is anti-bacterial and has many uses. A tea made from yarrow can aid in bringing down a fever. It is used to heal wounds.

She talks of using yarrow instead of hops in beer-making. It seems hops was used in Bavaria as a means of controlling the population. You will, no doubt, find her story interesting.

The videos come from HedgeLiving.

Part 1

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Part 2

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I remember that my grandma was a fan of yarrow. I can recall it had beautiful white flowers, but she didn’t let me touch it because it has poisonous leafs. Whenever I was sick, she used to prepare distasteful tea out of it. However, it really helped with curing my colds and fevers.

  2. I added this to my collection of herbs, thank you! In the video you have mentioned this herb grows everywhere, but sadly I cannot find it anywhere near me. Gonna ask the local farmers if they have seen it anywhere.

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