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Wild Medicinal – Barberry

Wild Medicinal - Barberry

Hedge Living has two videos about Barberry. The first is about making a tincture with the Barberry berries. The berries are good for building your red blood cells. They also help improve the clotting of your blood. If you have a condition that increased clotting will be harmful, DO NOT use this Barberry berry tincture.

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The second video shows the uses of the Barberry roots.

From the video description:

Barberry root is probably the most used antibiotic plant here. The brig yellow color of the root is berberine, the same antibiotic chemical that is is golden seal, oregon grape, and golden thread. Many herbalst actually say that the berberine in barberry is actually stronger than it is in golden seal and I have found that to be the case as well. Not to mention that barberry is usually easier to find than golden seal. Barberry is even sold in many nurseries as an ornamental hedge plant. The plant in my woods in Japanese barberry and is considered to be an invasive. There is no worry if I dig up too much of it, which is a worry if you dig up too much golden seal.

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Shorty Dawkins