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WikiLeaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”





  1. This is the smoking gun that will help Trump clear-out the swamp of communist subversives. “ObamaGate” is about to blow !!

    1. I’m thinkin’ the same thing brother. We butchered a couple of turtles in Texas years a go for this cute Cajun girl next door to make a dish called Turtle Sauce Picante…OMG Good. I’ll never forget going into the refrigerator 30 min after we killed them and cut them up, to see the legs still kicking. It reminds me of the Progressive-Dem-Lib…dare I say Globalist? They’re dead and don’t know it yet!. Maybe I’m over my skis, but there’s infowar momentum here that I don’t see them surviving.

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