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Washington Wants To Destroy Donald Trump Warns Monica Crowley

“There is a very dangerous and very effective destabilization campaign underway against this president, his administration and his agenda.”

Tonight on #Hannity, Monica Crowley sounded the alarm that the atmosphere in Washington and the media is growing increasingly toxic.


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  1. WOW! Miss Monica just catapulted herself to the mountaintop along with my other favorite women; Ann Barnhardt, Pamela Geller, Brigitte Gabriel, Laura Ingraham, Patriot Nurse and Ann Coulter…and of course, Nancy Oakley!

  2. “They never vetted Obama, they never told the truth about what a failure Obama has been…”

    As much as I want that presidential impersonator, traitor to the American people arrested, prosecuted for his crimes, FOX is saying this? So my question now is why are they now throwing Obama under the bus? No longer useful, or ???

    We all know and can see that President Trump is under attack, yet he has brought many of the enemy of our legitimate government i8nto his administration, so what are we being distracted from?

    BTW, we must not let them drop the pedophile ring stuff, that will get a lot of the enemies of our nation that are serving within our governments into the courtrooms, and bring normal Americans into awareness, assisting to get them to pay attention and fight back instead of allowing the “fence” to be built around us like ‘catching wild pigs’.

    Also, the comment about why good people do not want to get into politics – all of us must, but we can limit our own terms of service as we convince others of normal people to do their time in governmental service for the good of our nation. No more “professional politicians”, we must run, start with lower offices and fill them as you and others move up in state governmental politics – we MUST take our nation back.

    1. We have to go deeper than that Cal. I have used the slogan “From the mean streets of protest to the Board Rooms of Deceit.”

      We need to infect the colleges, lower education, corporations, agencies etc. Unfortunately, I was saying that 3-4 years ago. I’m not sure we didn’t miss that side street.

      The problem I’m seeing now is, all US citizens have the same problem, the Government, yet we remain divided. Add to that the Progressives propensity for violence, and we have all the makings for civil upheaval. Domestic spying, unconstitutionality, etc.There’s a good chance that we passed the point of no return my friend.

    2. We are now seeing that 1000+ pedophiles have been arrested across the country since the inauguration. Will they get to the worst of them is the question.

  3. Gee wiz Monica…Tell us how you really feel…!!!. I think the lady is spot on. I agree with Greg K though. We are past the point of no return. We have waited too long and we are going to have to take up arms at some point in the very near future. Sad but likely unavoidable.

  4. Wonder if Mr Trump still thinks Edward Snowden should be brought back and executed for exposing the criminals in the NSA?
    I think he should beg him to come back and be the head of the NSA.Seriously…

    1. Better yet, just unplug the power to all the NSA data halls, sever the fiber optics and lock them into their concrete underground facilities. When they run out of back up fuel for their megawatt generators, too bad, so sad. Pretty simple!

  5. Greg K & Flinter, Cal is right, We MUST take our nation back. Too late begins with “thinking” its too late. Trump needs to take the gloves off and do some serious house-cleaning. Get rid of Brennan NOW…then go after Soros. Imagine the morale boost of Soros in an orange jumpsuit! Pray & Fast brothers and sisters!

  6. Yes. It starts with fervent prayer. We invoked the promises of 2 Chronicles 7:14…and God gave us Trump and a chance to restore America’s glory through Jesus Christ and His sovereignty. Then, last week prayer was asked to expose Obama’s evil ways and corruption…and we were answered again – praise the Lord. He says in James 4;2b,3 – …”you do not have because you do not ask…” As His people we need to unite and invoke the power of intercessory prayer across the Nation. Because He also tells us in Matthew 7;7…”Ask, and it shall be given to you,…” United He will lead the way and enable us to hear His voice and see His will and way clearly…if we listen. So now, what’s the next issue and priority we all need to pray for and post for all to see and tag on to united together across fb and elsewhere? Believe and receive the salvation of the Lord. God bless America.. Amen.

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