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USDA Threatens To Shut Down Farm For Conservative Article In Break Room

Obama-era rules empower meat inspectors to become speech inspectors, and that’s created a crazy situation at one farm in Michigan.


Read more at The Federalist

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  1. Ya Know…???? If enough of these bovine Nazis got a swift boot to the jaw every time they stepped off a cow patty and into a private break room, Im guessing they would think twice about minding any ones business but their own.
    Can we get a few volunteers to send them a message…???

  2. Are you kidding me?Should we be going to Michigan?These totalitarian scumbag agencies will try to intimidate the wrong person one of these days and then what? Then they will be attacked like at Bundy Ranch,Ruby Ridge or Waco.When will we stop it?Makes my blood boil…

  3. seems like a question of {who’s rights} vs who is right? I ‘d like to read that article he posted before i’d defend it. f it was offensive to certain workers rights then yes it should be removed.
    As a straight male I dont want to see or read gay articles bashing straight people ,so I guess it could be vise versa. wonder if that inspector was gay or had a gay son or daughter? It all comes down to whose rights were being stepped on. If I were a jew id’ be offended by nazi leafletss ,black id rather not see klan leaflets. who can judge without reading that article? Too be well informed is too be free,

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