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UN Adviser Claims Trump Won’t Last 4 Years in Office

Jean Ziegler predicts “moral insurrection” will oust president.

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March 28, 2017

An adviser to the UN Human Rights Council predicts that Donald Trump will be forced to leave office before his 4-year term is up due to “psychiatric problems” or “pressure”.

Jean Ziegler, who according to CNS News, “has a history of sympathizing with despotic regimes,” told Austrian newspaper Kurier, “I do not believe that Trump will remain in office for four years.”

“Either there will be psychiatric problems or the pressure will become so great that he can no longer govern,” he added.

Ziegler believes that leftists will lead a “moral insurrection” against Trump’s “xenophobic, vulgar, anti-feminist, anti-solidarity” rhetoric.

The adviser’s gripe against the president appears to stem from Trump proposing to cut funding to the United Nations.

“People are traumatized,” Ziegler claims, adding, “If Trump reduces the payments massively, the U.N. is paralyzed.”

Read more at Infowars.


This is clearly the globalist plan – try to create the impression of a massive, popular resistance by “the American people” to Trump, and then have the globalist shills in both major parties clamor for a finding that he is mentally incompetent, and remove him from office.

And that is where the American flag burning, communist flag waving, women and old men beating thugs of Anti-fa, BAMN (By Any Means Necessary), Red Neck Revolt, etc come in.   They are meant to suppress and chill public expressions of support for Trump or any of his policies, by using terrorism (the threat of violence or the use of violence to shape the behavior of people) to make conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, MAGA hat wearing people, etc. all stay home out of fear of violence in the streets.

Through that terrorism, they can create the artificial impression that fewer and fewer Americans support Trump or his policies, and the impression that masses of Americans (at mass rallies funded by Soros) oppose him, giving the globalists and their deep state operatives the thin veneer of legitimacy they will need when they remove him “by any means necessary” (but most likely by a declaration of mental incompetency).

And that is precisely why all patriotic Americans who support the Constitution need to step out and do the opposite of what the domestic enemies of the Constitution want them to do – step out en mass at any patriotic gathering instead of staying home.

And the members of this org need to be front and center, wearing their Oath Keepers hats and shirts, at all such gatherings of patriots, just as we have done for years at every Tea Party rally, at every gun rights rights rally, and at “back the blue” and “Police lives matter – support the police” rallies in the wake of the Dallas and Baton Rouge cop killer attacks

Our message, when at such events, needs to be:

We are here for the following reasons:

1.  As part of our mission to Reach, Teach, and Inspire (to reach out to all who took the oath in service, whether current serving or veterans, to teach them more about the Constitution they swore to defend, and to inspire them to keep their oath).   We will reach out to the current serving police who are there to keep the peace, and we will outreach to any National Guard, and also to all of the veterans and retired cops in the audience about their duty to defend the Constitution.  And yes, part of that message will be that they should only support actions by elected officials that are in accordance with the Constitution.

2. To spread the message to Trump supporters that if they want to make America great again, they need to make America Constitutional again.   And that is the same message we have for President Trump.  We can then teach them more about what the Constitution requires, to keep them from going off track.   This is precisely the same thing we did for many years at nearly every Tea Party event in the country, encouraging the Tea Party people to support only constitutionalists for public office, and encouraging them to oppose those who are not sincere constitutionalists, and to oppose policies that violate the Constitution, regardless of who was doing it.

Our message to Trump is that we will support him when he keeps his oath, and we will oppose him when he violates it, as is our duty under that oath.   We will hold his feet to the fire, but without burning him at the stake (as the left is trying to do).   We’ll give him a chance, but we expect to see him walk the straight and narrow on the Constitution.  That is our message.  If he does, we will support those actions with our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

3.  To stand up for the right to free speech and assembly for all Americans, regardless of their politics or views.    That is a bedrock human right of free thought, free speech, and to peaceably assemble that is non-negotiable and essential to a republican form of government, which must be guaranteed to the people of each state.  We will take our place at the front ranks of the defenders of the First Amendment against the violent thugs who are violating those rights and acting like true Brown Shirts as they use violence to suppress speech they don’t like.

4.  This does not change the fact that we are non-partisan, and we do not endorse candidates or parties, or raise money for them, as an org.  But that does not keep us from outreaching to the community as part of our mission to defend the Constitution which is a duty for each and every one of us (which is why we give our members start up outreach kits as part of their welcome to our org when they join, so they can step out and use their own initiative to do outreach in their community, as Oath Keepers).

Nor does  our non-partisan status prevent us from fulfilling our obligation to be defenders of the lives, liberty, and property of the American people, as we have already done on many, many occasions, such as when we protected recruiting centers across the nation against terrorists, when we protected shop owners and residents of Ferguson Missouri against violent arsonists who threatened to murder them (there were apartments above the shops with families living in them), and when we protected attendees at Trump’s Inauguration in DC on Jan 20 (and also protected some of the attendees of the “Deploraball” the night before), and when we provided both overt and covert security details at March 4 Trump rallies across the nation on March 4, and again at MAGA rallies across the nation on March 25.

Nor does it prevent us from carrying out our standing offer to protect police and military families who are under death threats or have been the targets of terrorism, as part of our “Operation Backstop” (aka “Operation Back Our Blue”).  We have done such actions on numerous occasions over the years, and we will continue to do so, as part of our CPT program (Community Preparedness Teams).    And, finally, we have had overt security teams at police lives matter/back the blue rallies as well.  That is also perfectly consistent with our duty to be the “Guardians of the Republic” and consistent with our motto of “Not on Our Watch.”

Given the reality of increased leftist terrorism, and the clear agenda of both the left and the globalists to create a leftist “color revolution” in this nation to overthrow a duly elected President, and to overthrow our Constitution (the clear goal of the communists and anarchists) we have a duty to step out and be an overt presence at each of these rallies for all of the above reasons.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes

If you believe in the mission of Oath Keepers, to defend the Constitution
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  1. And one more point – It is now abundantly clear that people on the political right are feeling far less fear of a direct threat to them from the Federal government because Trump is in office. Whether you agree with the wisdom of that or not, it is a reality. When the globalists/leftist had “their man” Obama in the White House, they could count on his Admin to help put fear of persecution into many on the right, which caused them to be less inclined to organize openly. Again, just a fact we all had to deal with. Many chose to be the “grey man” and were afraid to organize or train openly. Now that the left is out of power when it comes to the executive branch, those same conservatives/libertarians/constitutionalists feel less fear of government oppression. So, what is the Deep State/globalist/left cabal to do? Enter Anti-Fa, BAMN, Black Block, etc. They are the new threat element meant to make people on the right afraid to publicly organize, associate, and unite. Instead of the formal state mechanisms of power being turned on us, it is now the deep state proxies in the form of violent communist and “anarchist thugs who are used against us. Just a shift in assets, really. Keep that in mind. Their ultimate bosses and benefactors are the same – the deep state/globalist cabal. Useful idiots indeed. Cannon fodder is another term for it.

    So, now instead of a direct fear of the secret police, it is now a fear of violent street thugs they want you to feel. Ironically, that is exactly the role the Brownshirts of the SA had in Germany before the Nazis took power. Once Hitler gained power, the street thug SA was purged and replaced by the SS and the Gestapo. Here it is a bit of a reverse. The globalists and their leftist allies had the secret police elements to use at will during the Obama years, and now feel less of an ability to aim all the resources of the Federal Government against you to instill terror, so they are reverting to street thugs. To their own “brownshirts.”

  2. All good points.

    “…all stay home out of fear of violence in the streets.” My opinion is do to just that, not of fear, but to stay out of the way of the tools who inflict such violence. The MSM will down play it until the right steps in, then the MSM will cast with all their might a wrath at the patriot. The perps need to be the soul carrier of their crime.The public with modern media sees what they inflict, unlike the 1930’s where the populous was spoon fed without the benefit of smart phones.

    As usual the left is organized in blind belief and parrot the establishment mind control. Where the right are fractured and dispersed in most respects.

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