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Ugly Domestic Enemy Rage at Victims of Communism a Good Indicator of Their Intent for Living

Ugly Domestic Enemy Rage at Victims of Communism a Good Indicator of Their Intent for Living
“Evil is.” And being a useful idiot enabling it is no excuse.

A photo posted to Twitter by a self-styled “Black Bolshevik” should tell decent and sane Americans all they need to know about the character of the Marxists and their useful idiots trying to tear down the social order under the appropriated term of “anarchist.” Participants are circling the base of the Victims of Communism Memorial in Washington DC and giving it the middle finger.

The inscriptions circling the pedestal of the statue read:

“To the more than one hundred million victims of communism and to those who love liberty [and] “To the freedom and independence of all captive nations and peoples.”

Victims there were. And while the Genocide Chart created by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership does not confine itself to murderous communist regimes, it’s undeniable that those, including the Soviet Union, Red China and Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, were where the most monstrous crimes against humanity, with deaths in the tens of millions, were perpetrated.

Unsurprisingly, such totalitarian governments demanded a “monopoly of violence.” That they represented themselves as being for “the people” is but another Orwellian lie, as there can be no more egalitarian form of true power sharing than is secured through an armed populace.

It’s also unsurprising that the Antifa freaks and fake “anarchists” accuse principled conservatives and libertarians of being “Nazis” and “fascists,” while the truth of the matter is, whenever their kind assumes power, individual freedom, including of speech and worship, is  brutally suppressed.  It’s also no surprise that they are the ones screaming “Racist!” while flipping off the victims of their ideology, untold millions of whom were non-whites.

“Can there be no peace between our peoples?” is a question I routinely ask on my War on Guns blog, and the answer, of course, if you look at some of the examples at the link, is “No, of course not. They won’t allow it.” Not with demonic sociopaths who call “whiteness” a “genetic defect” to be “wiped out,” or are working to impose some of the other evil lunacy.

There’s a great and true line in an old movie, one of my favorites, “The List of Adrian Messenger,” spoken by the character played by Kirk Douglas:

“Evil is.”

That’s something many Oath Keepers have not just read examples of, but have seen up close and personal. We’re not talking about people who just have different political opinions; we’re talking about domestic enemies as the term was understood by the Founders. And what they want from us is aptly illustrated in a scene from another movie, “Independence Day.”

That’s not hyperbole, it’s the way Marxist rule historically works out for those who will not live as slaves.

You don’t even need to imagine what those giving the finger to victims of communist genocide would do if they ever gained power. “The lessons of history,” my friend and colleague Brian Puckett wrote in his landmark Memorandum on Arms and Freedom, “are numerous, clear and bloody.”

(If you’ve not read that before, take some time and do so now.)


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. As I have written before, “They mean to kill us. No hyperbole. They want us dead by any means.”

    1. How many are actually listening?
      The Founders of this nation placed the ‘Sword’ firmly in the hands of the good People so that they may uphold the law, and thereby maintain “a free State”.
      What you see might not be apparent to many. Most may dismiss your warning as “crazy”. After all, it can’t happen here. We can do this peacefully by our willingness to take up the mantle of “Sovereigns” as the Founders intended, or we can flounder and find ourselves as memories on a monument dedicated to our inaction.
      Sadly, there are few of us who want “to execute the Laws of the Union”, and stop what maybe coming down the road.

    2. Bravo for this message, all of it.
      Read the last part several times.
      For many years I have been jumping up and down
      trying to get this message out: Diversity/Multiculturalism ideology
      states, clearly, that “If White then racist”. It is a most Racist ideology.
      It is an ideology of oppression. They have turned a “Learned Behavior”
      into a “Genetic Characteristic”. Can’t be done but we’ve let them get away
      with it, SO FAR.

  2. The people doing this need to be sent to communist countries for a few years. They will be crying to come back after they’ve seen what communism is first hand.

  3. Are they showing disdain? Much worse. They are showing their contempt for everyone and everyone’s rights. Folks, they are declaring war. Don’t disappoint them. Make sure that they KNOW that we are fighting them with every ounce of our being. Their actions prove that they ARE communists who have NO humanity or compassion for anyone. They ARE animals.

  4. The leftist-dominated education, news and entertainment industries are indoctrinating and training a nation of socialist morons. If allowed to continue long enough, these people will be the majority.

  5. Disgusting, vile, ingrates. We cannot allow these wretches to obtain or maintain power over us. They will surely come for the blood of all who uphold the sacred cause of liberty by whatever means at their disposal. We owe it to ourselves, our posterity, and previous generations of American patriots to resist their agenda by whatever lawful means available to us.

  6. Not all Anarchists are commies. There is an entire spectrum of voluntarist oriented intellectuals that agree to the Non aggression Principle. I myself, am an AnarchoEgoist and an Oathkeeper ( We can share DD-214’s EOT Awards and talk about the manipulation of intelligence data and assessments to meet political agendas offline and in person if you’d like. I spent my first tour on the ground with 1/10 CAV and other, non-conventional forces (12 mos IZ) with hundreds of documented combat patrols, leader engagements clandestine ops etc, and then 16 mos in an analytical control element that fucked my entire perception of the military intelligence apparatus. This would lead me to separate and become an intelligence contractor where I would work as an ITC for other non-conventional forces. I’m by no means perfect, or hokier than thou. I did get my values from my grandfather, who was 2x Silver Star and outstanding Comoany commander in Vietnam, see Bob Hutton, Tall Comanche. Speaking of Vietnam, I have to mention I hold Daniel Ellsberg in a positive light. Also see Howard Zinn, Vault 7 whistleblowers and Snowden as Oathkeepers. No way in hell Bradley Manning however. He acted like a reckless jilted lover, and far from an oathkeeper.

    The 1819 Opinion of Justice Marshall declared corporations people, and contrary to what our 10th Amendment states under Nullification, Federal Power’s reign supreme. Thks Supreme Court decision was null and void when it was made, but it was bought by the banks. Just google, bing, whatever…look it up ladies and gentleman.

    This decision, allowed for any incorporated entity to establish personhood through incorporation and thus being afforded citizens inalienable rights.

    Therefore, when municipalities began to incorporate, the property within those boundaries became privately owned. Property taxes became rent payments and tax payers become shareholders. This is why the wealthy and corporations have higher clout in the system, buying power and shareholder value. That’s how a free speech zone came to be today. They can make a person fill out an application to exercise free speech and limit that speech to whatever space determined least impactful and liable for social change.

    Under the guise of “the greater good” and public safety, our finest, selfless individuals have been manipulated into sacrificing their lives for their brothers and sisters, yet end up extorting peaceful, otherwise loyal patrons. The nail in the coffin, turning our oath to something almost meaningless to the establishment, was the Supreme Court Decision in 2005 that resulted in the declaration, Law Enforcement has no duty to protect the citizens. Warren vs D.C.

    At some point, we are all going to come to a consensus that a broken education system, fubar economy and the indoctrination morals are somehow subjective and relative coupled with ATF dropping guns on the street, the CIA facilitating cocaine and heroin trafficking and insane, draconian prohibition policies all add uo for a human meat grinder where almost no one is innocent.

    Raytheon, GM, Ford, L3, General Dynamics, etc…the companies that sell and outfit military equipment like blue force tracker and signals intelligence or biometrics infrastructure are making trillions, combined literally. While we fight battles they don’t intend for us to win.

    If the oathkeepers were let loose, we could end human suffering in the darkest regions of the world in a flash, morally and with minimal collateral damage. That is not the intent. Maintaining monopoly of industries is the desired effect and we are manipulated into nothing more than ealry pinkerton merc, strong-arming the blue collar for the banks so they can buy up all the railroad property and cattle towns at a cheap rate to negotiate property rights before government declares imminent on private citizens. Off grid living scenario and the enforcement of code sounds eerily similar.

    I am just one person. But I am my own person. I swore to defend the constitution because it was supposed to protect us from tyranny. I read the declaration of independence as applying to all the inhabitants of this earth. I went to Iraq to liberate. I supported the ideals espoused by our leaders and forefather’s, but have found implementation of those ideals corrupted by oligarchal feudalism.

    I wish you well.

    Trent Motherfucking Boatner

    1. Thank you for you candid thoughts and perspective. I concur, 100%, and I support you as you clearly support me and other’s who acknowledge our doctrines presented in our Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States. Thank for your past and continuing service. May we persevere and preserve our freedoms and respect and honor others’ while defending against those intent on abolishing all free thinking people.

    2. Having a little difficulty assimulating AnarcoEgoist with Classical Liberal. Doesn’t the AnarcoEgoist more or less believe that might makes right and property belongs to those who can get and keep it through force and not by any theory of natural rights? And isn’t Classical Liberal thought centered upon natural rights, as well as a market economy?
      Otherwise, enjoyed your comments and hope you continue in fighting for the cause of our founding principles.

  7. In order to function, Socialism requires an extreme level of confiscation of assets through taxation. This is not voluntary; refusal to pay is met with coercion. Although we enjoy a representative form of government in this grand republic, we have allowed the “progressives” to effectively institute socialism to a level that has become detrimental to individual responsibility and self worth of a large portion of the citizenry. Communism takes it a step further in that cooperation of all is required under threat of violence (including death) and you are not free to engage in any activity other than labor for the “cause” You are to be given only enough for survival (and in places like North Korea, not even enough to eat). The evils of Communism are blatantly obvious while the evils of socialism are not so obvious and are put upon us gradually.

  8. And isn’t it ironic that those ‘demonic sociopaths’ who consider whiteness a defect, are mostly white! They should start the ‘extermination’ with themselves.

  9. I am as well armed as the next guy, and I follow all the crap going on in our country just as many others do. I just wonder a lot anymore just exactly why do we retain all our 2nd Amendment rights and our firepower while our country goes to hell right in front of our eyes. We are losing our country without firing a single shot to stop all this insanity. It’s almost too late to save our country now.

    1. I hear you (and Nick above). I’ve literally grow old and virtually taken out of the fight while hoping for patriots to take the offense. I just don’t see it playing out that way now. Go to any patriot rally and you see a sea of gray. It won’t be long before no one will be left who remembers what we lost. But the enemy does have an Achilles heel as I described in another comment.

  10. These SJWs are dangerous but they are expendable pawns. Our real enemy is the Deep State whose globalists now control DC. They have already built their Nazi Police State, Surveillance State, Welfare State, and Warfare State. Trump exposed them and their MSM pressitute whores. That was huge. But Trump is no match for the Deep State. They erased the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Get over it. But they failed to disarm us. They failed to destroy our families. And many in their rank-and-file will choose ‘family first’. The Deep State has an Achilles heel. They lust for power to rule the world. They smugly dismiss us as Deplorables in ‘fly-over country’. ‘Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.’ Proverbs 16:18

    The liberty movement has basically taken a defensive, leaderless approach. Maybe that was best. It is triage time. Make changes to remove America’s parasitic and gangrenous cities from your lives. Ultimately the Deep State will have to deal with them. Let the next civil war at least start on Federal soil with the Deep State fighting Marxists. Knock yourselves out.

    Patriots, use this window to improve self-sustainability and defense. Avoid crowds. Read ‘Patriots’ and act accordingly with a survival mindset. Yes, it probably means moving. (Note to parents, the two greatest gifts you can give your children are Jesus Christ and schooling at home). Chaos will find us. No man (or family) is an island. Form a local Oath Keepers’ CPT team or equivalent. Start an AmRRON group. 73’s!

    1. I’ve not witnessed an all for one liberty movement. I see a fractured mess who can’t gel to save their own self. I see the JFK assassination as the clearest indication that the deep state is in control, not to mention the creeping loss of liberty in the last 150 years. If there is an all out in the street conflict, it will be against the wrong enemy. The enemy is the state, not the morons throwing stones through glass windows.

      As Roger D stated, the memory of our liberty and freedom has long been lost. What the youth consider freedom is but a twig in the forest. And many here even succumb to the ABC agency tyranny. Most live in compliance of a rogue state, not even recognizing it for what it is. When we pass on, the generations to follow will fall in step, blindly marching to the new order of the day. The masses have been drugged on toys, pleasures, and state milk.

      As stated above, if you want to survive, best to move away from the cities….soon.

  11. And the establishment politicians and the all knowing media cabal kept telling us that Communism was dead. They forgot China, but beyond that while accepting that Communism was dead as we were told, in the meantime it finished its crawling into our beds, our schools and into the brains of our youth. Old and gray will have a very hard time of it to reverse this but hope reins eternal. With the recent populist movement and an outsider elected for President a new beginning may have awakened enough to make a difference. And if you remember, in Obama’s first term the administration was filled with self described Maoists and Communists. Not so with Trump (although there are way to many from the CFR).

  12. The commies here often use ‘anarchists’, then have a far left countrstory…. Both will have their backers. However most of us won’t accept either. Then the commie rats & their commie rats in MSM will offer a ‘solution’ to the conflict….the reaction is the agenda, moving America left, slowly but surely. Leftward ever leftward- aka incrementalist socialism.
    If ok w/ OK, here;’s a you tube link which explores the technique as przctised by commie rats for near a hundred years…. There’s another you tube which verifies my contention by a former commie leader in the USA who realized he was being used. Leonard Patterson is his name.

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