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The TRUTH About Huntington Beach Trump Rally – Exposing Fake News Media Lies

Video Published on Mar 26, 2017

ABC 7, NBC and several other outlets, DELIBERATELY are attempting to demonize Trump supporters by showing short clips of interviews while they were at the rally and combining them with violent clips to make it seem that the Trump supporters were the violent aggressors at the Huntington Beach Trump Rally. Well guess what? I have the full interview of Travis Guenther. Here is what REALLY happened.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Photo credit: Burkeley Cameron

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  1. The media will claim that they can only cover very little of the ralley due to time constraints. Naturally they’ll put the footage on the air that grabs people’s interest… whether it accurately portrays the TRUTH or not. It usually will not show an orderly protest because it won’t garner them viewers. Now the reporters can get awards for doing this, while getting slaps on the back from their fellow reporters. Whatever they show on TV becomes the truth to the majority of viewers. This is how they shape opinions and sway millions to believe that Trump is a bad man.

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