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Start Your Pickling Cucumber Garden

Start Your Pickling Cucumber Garden

This video comes from Executive Gardens, with Jeff Bernhard.

From the description:

Pickling cucumbers, or pickles, are a favorite snack of people around the world. I love to make my own Dill pickles and my friends and family eat them up like crazy. In this episode I will share with you what I am will be doing this year to grow container pickling cucumbers in my backyard. Growing cucumbers in containers is easy if you follow some of my tips. Four or five plants can produce 100 pickling cucumbers in a season if done correctly. Happy Gardening to all my subscribers!

Editor’s note: I learned a lot from this video; particularly why here in Montana we have not had much luck with cucumbers. We have cool nights and cucumbers want temps above 60 degrees. We need to plan on that.

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