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The Rise of the Daycare Generation

The Rise of the Daycare Generation

Stefan Molyneux has a thought provoking video about the rise of the daycare generation. Dropping your children off at daycare centers so Mom and Dad can have “rewarding” careers, or so the family income is bolstered in order to buy a larger house, or more toys, or for whatever reason, has been shown in studies to be detrimental to the emotional development of the children. Stefan speaks to the rise of the “snowflakes” as a direct result of this practice. Not all children are affected negatively by this practice, but a surprisingly large percentage are, at least to some extent.

This could be said to be a social experiment that has gone wrong.

From the video description:

What is the origin story of the modern social justice warrior? Stefan Molyneux breaks down the consequences of the first daycare generation and the damage this mass social experiment has had on millions of young adults.

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