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Read the Questions – WaPo creates Sessions media firestorm over nothing

Posted by   March 2, 2017

The witch hunt against President Donald Trump and his administration continues in the mainstream media. Last night, The Washington Post reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke to the Russian ambassador twice during the campaign, which he did not mention during his confirmation hearing.

Thing is, the article disproves the newspaper’s thesis. Sen. Patrick Leahy (VT) asked Sessions if he had been in contact with any Russian government officials about the 2016 election. Sessions said no.

Here is the headline:

Talk about click bait. Like I said, the article completely disproves the headline. But publications know that most people will not read past the headline. If they do, they may not make it very far, so go ahead and bury the lede.

Which is exactly what The Washington Post did four paragraphs down.

Read the question again:

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) specifically asked if Sessions spoke to any Russian officials ABOUT THE 2016 ELECTION. He did not ask if Sessions spoke to Russian officials and left it at that. The Post even admitted as such IN THE ARTICLE:

Let me repeat myself: Leahy and Franken specifically asked about Russian communications with members of Trump’s campaign team, not as a senator.

If Franken and Leahy simply asked Sessions, “Did you have any communications with Russian officials?” then they would have a case. But the questions were specifically about Trump’s campaign team.

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  1. The reality of what happened is immaterial to these Leftist creeps. Perception IS reality, and the Left, with the help of the complicit agenda media, is creating the perception that there was extensive wrong doing by everyone in the Trump campaign up to and including the President himself. Anyone who thinks this will stop with Flynn and now Sessions is naive. This is a silent coup. Now is the time for a massive Trump counter punch.

  2. I would like to see a list of ALL AMERICAN Politicians and anyone involved in the 2016 elections in any way, who had any conversations whatsoever with any Russians. Start your investigation there. That would include pretty much everyone in WH past and present and congress past and present. It is certainly possible that someone with a D after their name was conniving against HILLARY ( including Bill, Bernie, Michelle and Obama ).

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